A Most Unlikely Hero


Alexander S. Ryker—Alex—wants to become a hero, but after he’s expelled from the Mars Police Academy, becoming a hero seems more like an unattainable delusion rather than a goal to strive for. Gabrielle Angelise is an alien on the run. While Alex doesn’t know why she’s on the run, that hardly matters for a wannabe hero. She’s cute, and she’s in trouble. Those are as good a reason as any to protect her from any and all extra-galactic dangers—too bad Gabrielle has a big secret of her own, one that could—and likely will—alter the course of Alex’s life. What’s a guy living with an extremely hot alien bomb shell to do?!

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Genre: English, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

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  1. Where are the links?, this is the first time that this has happened for me and I’m not using an adguard and the other series works fine

  2. This is honestly pretty good. It’s literally the story of To-love ru with a better MC. If you like harem, this is a go-to.

  3. I’ll read these, but it’s mostly just to be able to say I did for when I complain about them later… The quality of non-Japanese light novels just isn’t the same. American standards for publishing books in the light novel category are light years behind Japan because of the lack of competition…it’s a niche genre instead of a huge money maker.

    1. What you may not know about this author, and quite a few more out there…
      Is that their LN-style novels are (usually) all self-published, by platforms like Amazon.
      So yes, their quality may be compromised from the get-go, depending of how many LNs one had read until you pick one of these.

      And to note, I’m not defending OELNs, just giving my honest opinion on the matter.

  4. Very interesting choice.
    I’ve been following this author’s American Kitsune and read his Journey of a Betrayed Hero.
    The former is more novel-like and the later more LN-like. I don’t know much about this one.
    He, at least, tries to write his novels in LN-style or so, but he also writes in other styles.
    Given how there’s hardly a place like this one for people to look for these western LN-like novels, I think you could at least try to bring a few more.
    Who knows, maybe more people would start coming here, looking for those.

  5. As someone who has read this series, I suggest you check it out. It may be an American author but all of his books are very anime, manga, and light novel influenced. This one’s basically a more action packed To Love Ru. You can also get almost all of his books on kindle unlimited for free. His other light novel series American Kitsune is also very good.

  6. Isn’t this site supposed to be for light novels? Why do we need ebook formats of American novels that imo don’t capture anything about a light novel. I mean whatever but meh

    1. I thought about that too, but technically they are in the form of light novels, just a different country of origin.

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