A Shameful Life: (Ningen Shikkaku)


The story of a young woman’s quest to become a knight while hiding her saintly power!

Born into a long line of knights, Fia is determined to become a knight herself, just like all her siblings. But a brush with death awakens memories of her past life as a Saint–a woman who wields rare, powerful healing and protection magic–along with the ability to use that magic herself! The downside is that Fia also remembers her past life’s untimely death, and the danger she will be in if anyone finds out what she really is. She vows to stay on her knighthood path and keep her powers a secret forever! But how can she resist using her newfound powers when they’re just so useful?

人間失格にんげんしっかくNo Longer Human

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Genre: Japanese Literature
A Shameful Life: (Ningen Shikkaku) or (Mirror) Gibeau’s 2018 translation
No Longer Human or (Mirror) Keene’s 1958 translation
Note: Both are the same novel, just different translations with different titles

Keene’s version is slightly more polished as a reading experience, but Gibeau’s version is a slightly more faithful translation

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  1. Poor Dazai. One of the best writers in Japan and he’s been demoted to nothing more than a BSD reference. Even at death, he’s still suffering.

  2. i know this under the name “no longer human” junji ito made a manga adaptation of the novel

    from what i read of the manga Is kinda mess up, the main character is a horrible person that will do terrible things

  3. This was from the writer of the manga Oyasumi Punpun. If you liked this book you can go read that. Although his works are one of the best, reader caution is advised.

      1. I don’t know why I thought they’re the same lol. Anyways thanks for putting this here! This has been on my recommended for a while.

    1. Osamu Dazai is an actual person, one of the most famous Japanese author. And this particular novel is his most popular work outside of Japan. You can google him. The fictional character in Bungo Stray Dogs is based on this person.

    2. The Osamu Dazai that you see in BSD take the name and part of the personality from a real person, a real author (the most famous i would say) in japanese literature, which is Osamu Dazai. This is the original novel written by the real author, not something written by BSD author (which is first of all a manga, than adapted as a novel)

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