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Genre: Action, Romance, School Life, Science Fiction
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Updated April 21, 2020
Volume 21 or (M)

Next volume est. September 22, 2020

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  1. Hi! first would love to thank you from the bottom of my heart this site is so cool!,i love how i can get all the bet light novels, from official english, it is really good. now to the point link from are not working a few days back they where as i downloaded the vol 1 but now i can’t they are from vol 1 to 8, thx alot for the effort put on this

    1. I just tried and it works though. You might want to try using another browser? Like brave browser? or you can use the (M) links, it’s the same file in the end.

      1. found the problem as i use the cloudflare dns it was blocking the adfly links so if anyone have this problem check your dns ips

    1. Not really, depends on when i have enough money to buy, or if anybody decides to share it. For now, accel world is not on the priority list of LNs to get first.

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