Another World Survival: Min-Maxing my Support and Summoning Magic


Ostracized and tormented by his peers to the point of breaking, Kazuhisa Kaya set off into the nearby forest atop the mountain with one purpose: to dig a pitfall and bring about the death of the person behind his suffering. However, right when Kazuhisa was about to succeed in his revenge, a sudden earthquake throws his plans out of whack! Caught unaware, all he can do is patiently lie in wait until someone lumbering across the path happens to fall into his trap. Kazuhisa’s excitement is short-lived, however, as the corpse at the bottom of his pitfall turns out not to be the bully he was expecting but a grotesque, pig-looking monster, and his confusion only grows as he’s suddenly greeted by a pure-white room and a RPG-like status screen.

Strange monsters now wandering the mountain and with newfound powers at his disposal, Kazuhisa is forced to throw all concerns over his tormentor to the wayside as he focuses on a new goal: survival. That’s not going to be as easy as it seems, however, as he’s not the only one to have been wrapped up in this mess…

ぼくは異世界で付与魔法と召喚魔法を天秤にかけるBoku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni KakeruBalancing My Support Magic and Summoning Magic In A Different World

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy

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  1. Oh what a surprise! This is a good novel. A little spoiler : there is no NTR, no FMC rape so you don’t need to worry

  2. Oh wow… I remember reading the fan translation of this a good while ago and it was unbearable, but the story itself was pretty good. Excited to read this, thanks!

  3. Lmao, didn’t expect that edgefest to be officially translated. Is this version censored? I honestly can’t believe that this one is allowed in stores.


    Heavy Spoilers ahead: For those uninitiated, this is about a dude leading around monster rape victims to prevent the end of the world of the other world. Time limit: 4 Days. You only learn about it multiple volumes in when they finally meet native elves. His love interest stays untouched so that he can beta orbit around her and she can serve as the occasional ntr rapebait.

    It’s slow AF and even after five volumes it barely progressed two days or so. So many things happened in that time that you seriously have to suspend your disbelieve and ignore time entirely. It could also have been shitty translation, who knows? Any way, it ain’t as explicit as that healer dude but the world is shittier in exchange.

    Have at it.

    1. Thanks Jowy

      Warning: This contains a lot of r*pe (middle and high school girls no less). Those who couldn’t handle them please stay away. Sorry for my English

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