Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

進撃の巨人 Before the FallShingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall

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Read the stand-alone side story: Shingeki no Kyojin – Kakuzetsu Toshi no Joou
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Post-Apocalypse
Volume 01 or (Mirror) or (Mobile)
Volume 02 or (Mirror) or (Mobile)
Here is the much requested book as promised. Enjoy!


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  1. That’s a surprise.
    It was in the ‘Late’ section. What made it to be uploaded before the others in the monthly section?

    1. Actually, that was always the plan, clearing the late list first I mean. The monthlies usually get picked up and shared by people who are fans of the series, so it’s not a big problem to prioritize the late list which nobody has gotten. We will always get everything, eventually.

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