Black Summoner Vol. 5

黒の召喚士Kuro no Shoukanshi

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      1. Not sure if you’re genuinely curious or asking out of sarcasm. So for now I’ll say for me it’s just entertaining.

            1. you could try how a realist hero rebuilt the kingdom but it doesnt much action like this one but its building up kingdom, going to war with others and has a harem of like 5-7 women and he does do it with all of them, basically like that time i got reincarnated asa slime but only with humans and the MC is a hero summoned but isnt OP with skills but only thinking

            2. @C0RAZ0NKUR0

              -Arifureta (with main heroine early on, takes quite a few volumes before any others)

              -Monster Tamer

              -Reborn as Space Mercenary

              -Master of Ragnarok

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