D-Genesis: Three Years after the Dungeons Appeared


Three years ago, dungeons suddenly appeared on Earth after an experiment in Area 51 went awry. Now everyone—from average citizens to soldiers—explores these monster-filled labyrinths in search of wealth, power, and magic. Keigo Yoshimura is an office worker with no sense of adventure, who dreams of quitting his job to live the easy life. While out on a business call, he stumbles on the birth of a new dungeon and accidentally gains a magical skill that turns subterranean exploration into an RPG. Things spiral out of control and Keigo winds up as the world’s top explorer. With help from Azusa Miyoshi, his mathematically gifted colleague and new business partner in dungeon diving, he might be able to turn the status screens he sees into piles of cash. Unfortunately, Keigo ends up under the scrutiny of the military, government agencies, and even more sinister forces. What happened to his dream of taking it easy?!

D ジェネシス ダンジョンが出来て 3 年

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Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Science Fiction, Slice of Life
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Updated March 17, 2023
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Next volume est. TBD
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  1. According to J-Novel, at least if I read right, the digital release date of volume 4 is up.
    Digital Volume 4: 2023-09-22

    Volume is of course split up into 14 parts and the first 3 are up if you have a subscription (but who reads volumes in parts like that…. I personally always have to wait till the whole thing is out so I can read at least a full volume (would be even better if the full series was out, but that’s to long of a wait….).

  2. BTW, for those curious, D-Genesis has 7 volumes out in Japan so far and is still ongoing.
    No word on a release date for the English release of Volume 4 yet.

    (also already read vol 3 as some other sites already had the epub for it, since it came out 5 days ago…)

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    2 days till release

    I love the technicalities and the fact that I can find buildings described in it in google maps.

  4. Adding a note here that volume 3 is out on March 9th, 2023.

    Since this still says TBD, and I’m super exited about it and don’t want to have to look that up again.

  5. It’s out (vol 2, 2 days ago). Absolutely cannot wait (well, I guess I am….) for it to be posted.
    Most looked forward to series in a while.

  6. This was a pretty good read. The cover art had me iffy going in but guess that proves to not judge a book by its cover.

    On another note, yes there was tons of technical information. But most of it felt like it belonged compared to other novels I have tried to read. There were a few spots that some info was completely unnecesary.

    I’m sad that we dont already have more novels for it already but I hope you keep adding it as it comes.

    1. Completely agree. I wasn’t sure about it just looking at the cover (didn’t turn me off the thing, just isn’t the most flattering cover, Miyoshi even looking extra androgenous on the cover there…). However I personally loved it. I am very much like the MC in that I go at things like this with a researcher mindset, so the technical approach was very much appreciated.

      I cannot wait for more, but sadly the next novel isn’t out till the end of Oct. Found 20 chapters of the manga as well, but that seems to be a couple chapters short of catching up with the end of the first Light Novel volume. So no getting ahead there….

  7. ths is good novel but the author just too naif when dealng with goverment or other major power. and one more thing less action…

  8. People are complaining about the technical info, but that is the type of novel this is meant to be. MC is not an adventurer, he is a scientist. The way he interacts with the dungeons reflects that. And that is different from the entire rest of the world. This is meant to be more of a sci-fi novel than fantasy.

  9. Same problem as Modern Villainess, too much technical talk and author goes on too many useless rants and endless info dumps and kills off the pacing and forgets the point, we got to know more technical babble then learning about the characters or world.

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