Daddy, I Don’t Want To Marry!


Jubelian is a villainess so hated by everyone that even her lover and father leave her to die a pitiful death. Just as she’s about to face her fate, she gets the chance to change the course of her story. In order to avoid the tragic end she knows awaits her, she breaks up with her lover and gives up trying to win her father’s love. Instead, she focuses on using his wealth to enjoy her new life to its fullest! But while she prepares for her extravagant life as a lady, her father begins looking for her new suitor. Afraid that he’ll marry her off to the infamously unpredictable and stormy prince, she lands on a desperate solution: a dating contract. And the best candidate is none other than her father’s student.

아빠, 나 이 결혼 안 할래요!Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
Volume 01 or (Mirror) 25-Jan-2022 Version updated
Volume 02 or (Mirror)
Volume 03 or (Mirror)

Updated February 22, 2023
Volume 04 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBA

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  1. Hello, may I know if this is really the og copy? cuz I found out that the total page amount is diff, the original in google books have 228 page, and the one in here has 170 page only…TT

    1. Yes it is. That’s how epubs work. Bigger screen size will fit more words so you will have lesser pages.

        1. Epubs don’t have “page numbers”. They flow according to your screen size, as well as your font settings, spacing, and all that. Go google and read up on it. All i can say is, this book is legit, and if you have questions, your answers can probably be found by googling.

  2. I really enjoyed this and am thrilled that Korean novels are getting attention now, but wow is the grammar atrocious. I hope they get a proofreader that actually knows grammar asap.

  3. Thank you!!! More Korean novels are also good! Variety is the spice of life guys. Just because you don’t like the shojo genre or non-Japanese novels, don’t hate. That ain’t healthy lol

    1. strictly speaking, it is not Japanese light novel. It is a Korean light novel. We do have a variety of stuff here, some novels, japanese light novels, english light novels, and a few others really. So it’s not too far of a stretch to add korean ones to the mix.

      Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. If we start picking what genres to upload, many of the beloved series on here will not be shared in the first place, and many of you would not have discovered your love for this and that series. Though, we too are also slowly opening up to this concept, that’s why you’re starting to see more light novels aimed at female readers (though also partly due to a booming growth in the industry).

      In short, what I mean is, read what you like, but don’t shit on others just because it’s not to your liking. Feel free to criticise the book if the writing is bad but whether the book is light novel or not shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the book.

      1. Great comment Jowy. Hope you always share with the world (light)novels regardless of genre or demographic, without prejudice. Everybody should have the chance to read these novels.

  4. i don’t know what this is but i am going to check it

    i am glad that more korean novels are getting released… there are many great korean novels that i will love to see like “who made me a princess”, “beware of the villaness” and “death is the only ending for the villaness” those are some of the best WN i have read

    1. Sorry my bad, i didn’t understand what you meant at first

      About the file, i just opened the file on my phone and is working perfectly readed a bit of the prologue and skipped around and everything looked fine

      1. This is strange because what appears to me to download is a file with just over 300kb that does not open. However, the rest of the site is normal.

        1. The file is indeed ~300KB, you need to enter the password to unlock the zips. Either re-download the file, try another unzipping software, or use another ebook reader?

          1. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.
            The problem was with my app that did not want to open the epub directly from my files for some strange reason (I never had this problem). I managed to open it within the app itself.?

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