Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Slice of Life
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Updated May 21, 2019
Volume 08 or (M)

Next volume est. September 24, 2019

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  1. some lines got deleted, ex: in vol 1 where satou dueling the elite lizardman in dragons valley
    your file said “Now’s my chance!” and then it skipped to “Damn it, you’re supposed to be mortally wounded!”
    the proper one should be “Now’s my chance!”
    “I flung the dirt at his face with all my might. It scattered in midair, but enough of it still reached the creature’s face. Unfortunately, my opponent was a step ahead of me—he defended himself by throwing an arm up in front of his eyes.”
    “Damn it, you’re supposed to be mortally wounded!”
    and there’s others after these.
    sorry, thought you should know

  2. May 22 has come and gone and I had hoped to find volume 5 around here somewhere, or is it in another location on your website. (this sounds like I am complaining, so compliments are in order: I really like your website.)

  3. Vol. 5
    Chapter: On the Banks of the Great River
    Pg. 107

    When the group is attacked by needle bees, Satou’s monolog:

    [As I rushed over, I thought I felt something weird and slippery for just a moment, but it must have been my imagination.]

    I reread this part a few times as I couldn’t figure out what he’s talking about so thought it might come back up and be clarified later, but it never did.

    Anyone know?

  4. man, why does there have to be such a large gap in-between volumes, it blows waiting 6-8 months for a new volume of a book 🙁 wish they would just release vol 7 already

    1. Death March is released by YP. YP does take their time to translate, yes i feel they are slow too. But part of the reason is also because they try to match their release dates with the physical release date. They manage printing of physical books as well, since they want people to buy the books, they try to release the physical books at the same time (or close to) of the physical release date. Physical release takes time due to scheduling/printing/shipping/etc.

  5. The second volume doesn’t seem to be working. I have tried both download links, but each page in the volume are blank. I don’t think this is a problem on my end(though I’m not sure), so would you please fix this. I really do appreciate you making these downloads available to everyone.

  6. Just want to say this right at the start: I love that you made these downloads available to everyone and I don’t mean this as a complaint. Both volume 2 and 3 aren’t loading correctly in epub reader. When I say they aren’t loading correctly I mean that all the pages are blank. Volume 1 works absolutely fine. Is this a problem on my end? If so, this comment is a bit pointless. If not, would you please fix the links?

    1. I have reuploaded a cleaned version of volume 2 and 3. There were some remnants of DRM on the files. Can you try re-downloading and tell me if it works for you now? Try the normal links, not the (M) ones.

  7. this is one of my fav LN series.. i could hardly wait the next vol. i just finish this 7th vol in two days while working.

    1. is it your adblock or something? There’s no link that goes to from what i can see. Maybe try another browser? or which volume are you talking about? i can try to check

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