Deathbound Duke’s Daughter

死にやすい公爵令嬢Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi

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Genre: Fantasy, Shoujo
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Updated September 19, 2020
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Next volume est. TBD

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    1. Hmm not really. It’s a more thought out bakarina. It’s only two volumes tho, shame how many good novels gets discontinued. This has more promise in comparison to bakarina yet not as popular.

    2. I mean… I guess you could say it was kinda like Bakarina… except add a power system, politics, and a legitimately interesting world with mythical creatures and hidden powers.
      The girl is completely dense to her own romance but not that of others. She is constantly in danger of dying… so she legitimately seeks out strength… and the hidden character is waaaay stronger and mysterious.

  1. I checked up on this. Is the webnovel discontinued after 164 chapters or was it finished?
    Anyway, the two LN volumes came out in 2017, and after that … nothing.

    1. The first 2 volumes of the light novel are actually the first 2 volumes of the webnovel. The web novel goes up to Arc 05. The webnovel completely finished arc 5 but no new raws came out since then. I LOVED Arcs 01-04, and the sidestories in between. The beginning of Arc 05 is hilarious as well. If you hate powerless MCs… Don’t worry Erica is actually very smart in combat. Even if she is initially weak she typically outsmarts her opponents and later becomes strong enough to hold her own.

      1. Holy shit, 48 Mb? Did’nt thought i would see this here though. And also, the only thing this series (?) has with bakarina is the Otome game villainess reincarnation, apart from that it’s a story of it’s own. Don’t know why it never got popular though, timing?

  2. YES! I read all of the webnovel for this. This is an amazing series. But the light novel stopped at volume 2… I still wonder why J-Novel picked it up.

    My top 10 favourite novels, if not my top 3 novels.

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