Demon Princess Magical Chaos


Death and Reincarnation.
Kuroe Makoto, the tomboyish ace of her high school track and field club, never spared a thought for these things before. However, when she falls asleep in her Tokyo home after an exhausting marathon and wakes up in a fantasy world, those concepts become her reality. And unlike in the common light novel setting, she isn’t reincarnated as the naturally good-looking and talented human hero who gathers a harem effortlessly.
In fact, she isn’t reincarnated as a human at all. She is reborn as ‘Chaos’, child of the demon queen and heir to a kingdom at war with humanity.
Demon Princess Magical Chaos puts the Japanese high school girl in a tentacle monster, in this strange tale of a sound human mind possessing a horrifying creature’s body.
Join Chaos on her oftentimes humorous but also perilous journey through a world of sword and sorcery, as she discovers a newfound appetite for life, terror, and demi-human girls.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, English, Fantasy
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  1. One of the best novels I readed in long time, the lewd scenes ares longer and pretty much boring unless you want them but the rest is just too good, the end gives a strange aftertase that not many novels can acomplish in you.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing this novel. I never heard of it before, but it turned out to be great. This looks like a Western author’s take on writing a light novel. The plot is interesting: the MC is a shapeshifting tentacle monster with cheat abilities who travels the fantasy world after reincarnating. She starts out strong but keeps facing dangerous situations that force her to grow even stronger. There are many opponents who are still stronger than her. The MC is smart and calculating with a lot of cute moments. Also, a lot of psychopathic moments, where she kills and eats people (or at least considers doing so). As a bonus, the MC has a lesbian harem and, unlike in many light novels, there are explicit scenes with graphic detail (not too many, 1-2 per book). The relationships between her and the girls are very tender and loving. There is also a cool Demon Queen mom.

  3. I lost interest from vol.2. didn’t feel the attachment towards the mc. No urgency, mc is strong things are just happening and didn’t wanted to know what will happen next. I would just read other novels with better story line. I wish the editor would have shorten the story a bit may be then I would have read it.

    1. The urgency builds as more is revealed how the world works.
      The MC is also, while strong, human in mind. She also encounters many many foes that are realms above her in power. She has to deal with more loss than one normally does in these light novel series (that at least are not labeled tragedy or horror, those are their own things).

  4. Oh, I think I’ve read it on RoyalRoad ages ago. I can’t remember anything from it, but I think there were a few things regarding the characters that made me shy away from it eventually.

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