Did I Seriously Just Get Reincarnated as My Gag Character?!

ネタキャラ転生とかあんまりだ!Neta Chara Tensei Toka Anmari da!Transmigrated as a joke character is just too much!

Toru Aikawa is a university student who spends his days going through the motions of attending school and working at a local convenience store. The only time he really feels alive is when he’s playing the massive multiplayer VR game Real World Online. One day, he has a stroke of luck: he’s hit by a runaway bus and reincarnated as his game character. But something’s gone wrong… Instead of the invincible warrior he mains, he’s in the body of Nacht Schatten, the alluring dragon princess he made as a joke! Nacht’s build is anything but optimized—she would never survive in the cutthroat world of an isekai story! And more to the point, she’s a girl! But perhaps things aren’t as bad as they seem. Perhaps Nacht Schatten is more capable than she appears.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Shoujo Ai
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Updated November 24, 2022
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  1. Thanks for posting this, but man was this full of plot holes. 2/10.


    Hole #1: It’s stated several times that wyverns are superior to dragons. Quote, “Wyrms were simply an advanced version of dragons” but two wyverns are later used as the “big-tier-army-threat” despite regular dragons (not high-tier dragons) being worshipped as gods… Also the two “wyverns” casually get one-shot by MC. If they were actual wyverns, they’d be stronger than the supposed gods, story wise… Massive fucking contradiction.

    Hole #2: (There’s a lot of weird out-of-character moments, but I’ll stick with just one of them.) So, Aisha at one point more or less says, “How dare this dragon call its human victims ‘puny,’ MC would NEVER call anyone or thing puny!” …Despite Aisha witnessing MC call a similar tier dragon, “cute little dragon” previously… Is being called “puny” somehow more offensive than being called “cute and little” or is it just the author failing to pain attention to their own details?

    Hole #3: More weird character writing & inconsistencies. Aisha, a long-lived child heavily fluctuates between being grown up and childish. (For someone so pure and innocent, she knows a lot about sex, and yet is described as someone who is also still struggling to learn to read and write…) That’s a very obvious example there, but it gets worse the more you read. It’s also implied at times that the servant bonding spell fucked with her mind or how she thinks, it comes up occasionally but is never explored, and immediately dropped for a “more interesting topic” whenever it comes up.

    Hole 4: There’s an over-reliance on, “oh don’t worry, this isn’t a plot-hole, we just did it off screen without hinting at it.” (Pumpkin.) That for example is used once, never explained beforehand, not foreshadowed, and is never brought up again.

    1. Wow… Reading your review after finishing the book really makes me feel like we’ve read two completely different novels.


      Hole #1: This is nonsense. Wyverns are sub-dragons (the book even said it!) while Wyrms are beings above Dragons (the book also said it!). Power scaling is Wyvern < Dragon < Wyrm.
      Hole #2: Yes, the Red Dragon calling his victims puny (with a condescending tone showing no remorse for murder) is reaaally different from Nacht calling the Green Dragon "cute little dragon" (she's teasing the Dragon, no disrespectful/demeaning nuances made). The Green Dragon wasn't mad, and showed Nacht deference afterwards, because it knew she was just teasing.
      Hole #3: Yes, I'm also disturb by the s*x part ngl but her struggling with learning things like academics and magic, alongside her slow growth because she's a half-elf is explained quite thoroughly imo (Ch.1: master-servant part). The Dragon-Bound Servant Origin Skill didn't do anything to her mind (I backread and the skill made Aisha a Dragon Priestess; healing her to prime condition is just a +1 effect to all that).
      Hole #4: Another nonsense. "The panties were the quest reward for the Halloween event quest The First Halloween. They were a common enough item—any female character who participated in the event got a pair—but as a gag item, they had incredible value. They were even considered a Unique item in-game, with their high magic resistance and effectively useless special ability". Ability: Summon Pumpkin Devils: Summoning them was one of the abilities granted to her by her underwear, the Pumpkin Panties. Once per day, at the cost of its other defensive abilities, she could summon two pumpkin devils as guardians. They were level 50 monsters with high attack and fire resistance, making them fairly deadly creatures–There's more explanation, but the one's reading the book, if they actually read and understand what they're reading, will be sure to get to those parts.

      Conclusion: You missed so many details when you read this book, brother. It's like you just skimmed through it all and decided to leave these "Plot holes" here. That's all bye.

      1. yes, im glad someone actually understood what they were reading
        im glad we share the ability to read and understand what was written

    2. it’s not so much of a plothole, but just a bad writing. inconsistencies and theres so little of explanation. tho wyrms are dragons but with different ‘species’, dragons aren’t always wyrms. mr author needs to learn more about fantasy and stuff.

    1. Still a 2/10

      Extra criticisms:


      1. The author likes to go, [Attack Name Here] a lot, but fail to describe what it does, or even worse, changes perspective immediately after saying it. (So we get no idea what it does or its aftermath.) The worst is the scene where MC spams spells back to back, attack names and all as one massive block of word salad… Then describing the combat “this water thing does that, then another thing freezes the first thing, ect, ect.” But they don’t assign [Attack Name] to its effects. Just effect after different effect so we don’t know what does what, or even if all 8 or so were described to begin with… We also don’t know if they were described in order even.

      2. The trope of, “I could do this the whole time!” And only uses it ONCE the entire book is a fairly regular occurrence. Golemcrafting is a great example of that. It sounds REALLY INTERESTING, what’s it do, how’s it work? She uses it to make two chairs and a table within a second, AND NEVER MENTIONS IT AGAIN. MC later uses unnamed “earth magic” to build a house later in a similar level of non-detail. That hurts more because, “golemcrafting” could have easily been slapped under that label of “earth magic” or vice versa. (It wouldn’t have been great either way, but it would have felt better to be consistent enough to use the same name.)

      3. …There’s a lot man. A lot of, “Hey are you gonna ask these guys about Earth since they have connections to someone supposedly from earth?… No? Okay…” types of situations where someone would reasonably ASK QUESTIONS, and MC just doesn’t. The worst is with the [SPOILER] child, who’s grandpa had that one name. Is MC gonna share the important info of that name to the kid? Nah, that information could flip her entire stance on an entire race of people if she said that. *We can’t allow that much character growth for villains we’ve spared…*

    1. Lol I mean the sentiment is true but the way you said it is quite funny.

      This seems like quite am interesting novel really, km always up for more yuri.

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