Dragon Daddy Diaries: A Girl Grows to Greatness

突然パパになった最強ドラゴンの子育て日記 ~かわいい娘、ほのぼのと人間界最強に育つ~Totsuzen Papa ni Natta Saikyou Dragon no Kosodate Nikki: Kawaii Musume, Honobono to Ningenkai Saikyou ni SodatsuA Baby Journal of the Strongest Dragon Who Suddenly Became a Dad

“Daddy!” The dragon blinked as the wee little human called out to him. Him? Her “Daddy”? Powerful enough to have been venerated by humankind, yet warmhearted and even a tad ditzy, the dragon soon finds himself raising and doting on the precocious Olivia as if she really were his daughter in this touching tale. The toddler may be impossibly cute now, but just you wait—she’s a curious child and she’s growing up real fast. You can bet that one day, she’ll be the strongest human there is! But first, how will he handle little Olivia receiving an acceptance letter to a human school?

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Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, School Life
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Updated December 2, 2022
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  1. please tell me this is just a father/daughter fluff type of story… and won’t have a weird creepy turn like “If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord” did

    1. I myself hope it *does* turn into a romance. They’re not blood related anyway. There’s no point in having an adopted daughter if she’s gonna be taken by some random guy after all the hard work you put into raising her. You’re just cucking yourself at that point. Pure self-torture.

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