DUNGEON DIVE: Aim for the Deepest Level

異世界迷宮の最深部を目指そうIsekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo MezasouAim for the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth

An ordinary kid by the name of Aikawa Kanami winds up in a fantasy world operated by RPG video game rules—but this isn’t good news. He awakes in the bowels of a gargantuan death trap called the Dungeon. Narrowly escaping thanks to his grit, cunning, and newfound arsenal of magic spells and skills, he wants nothing more than to get back home to Earth and the invalid sister who needs him. His only lead? It’s said that whoever makes it to the hundredth and final level can have any wish granted. In his desperation, Kanami cooks up the most efficient means of clearing the Dungeon and lies his way into a partnership of expediency with an aspiring swordfighter who’s rubbish with the blade but unbelievably skilled at magic. Kanami’s cool determination, however, is soon put to the test when he and his new comrade are faced with a surprise boss fight. How far will he go in order to emerge victorious? Find out in the first volume of this beloved, long-running series!

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Psychological, Seinen, Tragedy
Volume 01 Premium or (Mirror)

Updated January 10, 2023
Volume 02 Premium or (Mirror)

Next volume est. May 2, 2023
Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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  1. if trends sy something when we got to LN vol 8 or 10 we could be getting an anime, everything i read is getting adapted , heck even funa and i started her novels like in 2015.

    1. The web novel is finished but the light novel is still ongoing at 16 volumes my dude, I guess author added more stuff ? Or he’s going to change up the ending ? Either way it’ll take a long ass time to catch up lol, couple years really.

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