Enough with This Slow Life! I Was Reincarnated as a High Elf and Now I’m Bored


Life in the Great Pulha Woodlands is the very definition of stillness and tranquility—and Acer’s had enough of it! That’s right. Acer isn’t quite like the other high elves of the forest. For starters, he remembers living a past life as a human in another world…meaning he’s got a taste for meat, adventure, and plenty of other decidedly un-elven things! He’s also bored out of his skull after 120 years of the peace and quiet of their serene sylvan lifestyle. So with nothing more than his trusty bow, a bundle of life-giving fruit, and his close bond with the spirits of nature, Acer leaves the monotony of the forest behind to seek a new life, one that’s more his pace. See what excitement awaits in the outside world full of humans, dwarves, and even other elves!

転生してハイエルフになりましたが、スローライフは120年で飽きましたTensei shite hai erufu ni narimashitaga , surō raifu wa ichi ni zero nen de akimashitaI Was Reborn and Became a High Elf, but I Got Tired of My Slow Life after 120 YearsI Was Reincarnated and Became a High Elf, but I Got Tired of the Slow Life After 120 Years

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Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life
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Next volume est. May 30, 2023
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  1. It’s a similar premise to Sousou no Frieren (very long-lived/immortal elf traveling the world while witnessing other characters living out their lives). So far, I’m enjoying this one even more. Unlike Frieren, this isn’t a story where the protagonist learns the value of friendships and connections – he already knows. Acer is fully aware that life is more meaningful when shared with others, even if he has to feel pain when they eventually die before him. I really like when a story about long-lived characters can commit to time skips – something I didn’t like about Frieren is how it quickly stopped advancing time to avoid aging the new human cast too much. Not so here, even 2 volumes in the author doesn’t hesitate to skip 5 years in just a sentence and you will see both the world and the characters change rapidly, new characters are set up while others grow old and some races live longer than others.
    This isn’t a battle series. There are fights but it’s mainly about traveling, meeting new people to learn skills from, helping them and forming connections. A very-long-lived slice of life with some politics and nice world building.

  2. Read the manga.

    Can recommend this. Despite the title, it’s kind of a slow life, slice of life story. There is some action here and there, but it’s rare.

    Reminds me of Frieren a bit.

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