Even Dogs Go to Other Worlds: Life in Another World with My Beloved Hound


Everyone Knows Humans Get Transported to Other Worlds, But Now Dogs Do Too?!

Takumi is a wage slave who works overtime all the time. Only his little Maltese, Leo, can brighten his day. One day, however, he wakes up to find himself deep in an unknown forest. At his side is his pampered pup…who’s now a giant mythical wolf! With his silver fenrir companion and his mysterious new “Herb Cultivation” power, he’ll finally have the laid-back life he’s always dreamed of!

Join Takumi and his giant fluffy hound in a carefree romp through this otherworld fantasy tale!


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Genre: Adventure, Isekai, Romance
Volume 01 or (Mirror)
Volume 02 or (Mirror)

Updated February 7, 2023
Volume 03 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBA
Password: thatnovelcorner.com

6 thoughts on “Even Dogs Go to Other Worlds: Life in Another World with My Beloved Hound

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  1. Honestly, the first volume wasn’t that bad even though maybe two or three actual events happened in it. It’s nothing special in the Isekai genre, but for what it is it’s simple enough to enjoy for a small-stakes story.

    I’m going to hard NOT recommend this though because the author clearly has no idea what they’re doing. The MC isn’t inherently unlikeable, but the fact that his ‘isekai OPness’ amounts to his dog really puts a damper on things. Everything needs to be translated through the MC even when it isn’t him doing anything, and while the relationship is cute, having the MC understand their dog like an actual conversation makes the point of them…you know, being a dog, moot. The author’s notes at the end of Vol 1 made it pretty clear the dog was originally only supposed to be for transport and the MC actually powerful, but that got switched up.

    That kind of change up might normally be an interesting thing…but when we do actually find some power unique to the MC near the end of the first volume, the author IMMEDIATELY backtracks at the beginning of Vol 2. Suddenly there’s a downside even though the event in question happened days before, and the explanation just reeks of retcon, like a fanfiction where reviewers point out how awesome that would be and the next chapter has to make up some kind of flaw to keep the MC from using it too much.

    Honestly, Vol 2 might get better, but I can’t care to continue it. When there’s such obvious poor planning in full show to the reader, it takes a lot away from the experience.

    1. its a okay read for me, its cute but can also be quite gory in fights, fights arent to many but also arent too far between, MC can be a bit annoying at the start but gets better very quickly

      1. Oh it sounds like it can have some potential then, is there any actual romance or just useless teasing ?

        1. too soon to tell for me but the butler is already, not too subtly telling the MC to make a move on either one of multiple people so i should lead somewhere but in Volume 1 not much could happen

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