Even If This Love Disappears Tonight

今夜、世界からこの恋が消えてもKon’ya, Sekai kara Kono Koi ga Kiete moKonya, Sekai Kara Kono Koi ga Kietemo

When Toru Kamiya is pushed into falsely confessing his love to Maori Hino, she tells him she’ll date him on three conditions. 1) Don’t talk to her until after school. 2) Keep any communication between them concise. 3) Don’t really fall in love. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to keep the last rule—and when he tells her how he feels, she reveals that she has an illness that prevents her from remembering anything that happened the previous day, and that she uses a diary to keep track. But Toru is determined to build a relationship with her, one day at a time…

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Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
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  1. same concept as 50 first dates, but in a jp way, the novel is recent and is a good twist to the formula in adding more dept on the characacters it even have a drama, so one could not go wrong with a week of good reading.

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