Fullmetal Alchemist

鋼の錬金術師Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

The novels are spin-offs of the manga series and follow the Elric brothers on their continued quest for the Philosopher’s Stone.

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Genre: Adventure
01 – The Land of Sand or (Mirror)
02 – The Abducted Alchemist or (Mirror)
03 – The Valley of White Petals or (Mirror)
04 – Under the Faraway Sky or (Mirror)
05 – The Ties That Bind or (Mirror)
06 – A New Beginning or (Mirror)

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  1. If anyone is wondering whether the novels are connected or not, you can rest assured that the novels are not interconnected. These are side stories to the main series. As it stands, if you have completed the main series you are free to start any of the novels.

  2. Just a heads up to those who haven’t checked the Viz site, The Land of Sand is the first volume, but A New Beginning is actually the sixth volume. I’m still not quite sure what the OSI designation is for the first run of the first five volumes, but they started releasing both paperback and digital with Volume 6 it seems, then went back to re-release Volume 1 with the next two slated for release in the next few months.

    1. Are the volumes related? I did figure out it was volume 1 and 6 but I wasn’t sure if the volumes are related or standalone novels. If they are direct sequels to each other then I’ll probably have to rename the volumes

      1. Without actually reading them I couldn’t say one way or the other. I tried reading the descriptions, but it doesn’t seem like there are multi-part stories going from one to the next (other than the main goals they’re trying to achieve). You might not understand who certain characters are later on, but they often re-introduce them when bringing them up in a lot of novels. In that way they might be able to stand apart, but it feels weird the fact that the initial run specifically had them numbered yet they were omitted from the re-releases. I’m just a bit OCD when it comes to consuming things in order and thought I’d share for those who might be the same. 🙂

        1. For now I’ll leave them as is, until someone who knows better can let us know if the novels are connected in sequence or are self-contained stories each. In the meantime everyone can rename the filenames yourselves if you think it deserves a different filename.

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