Goodbye Otherworld, See You Tomorrow Vol. 1 & 2 Premium

さよなら異世界、またきて明日Sayonara Isekai, Mata Kite Ashita

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  1. One of the best stories I’ve read as of late, and one of the worst worlds to be transported to as well.

    The fact that the MC spent months on end travelling through a highway without encountering anyone and without even a single landmark really sold to me the fact that the world is fucked and there’s no hope.

    An even worse world to live in than Fallout, 10/10 would turn to crystals again.

  2. This is actually quite good tbh, it’s a bit slow paced and more of a SOL type novel but the world the mc ends up in is quite fucked and you can really feel it.

    The MC meets various people throughout and every meeting has a dark undertone to it, you can really see it’s a deadworld and everyone is losing hope, MC too seems ready to give up but then every meeting that happens brings a little bit of hope which was nice to see.

    The female lead and mc have quite good chemistry and it’s interesting seeing them together, the dialogue is easy to follow and they do have a goal theyre going towards, there’s quite a bit to keep you hooked here.

    Do recommend but well it’s an acquired taste lol 7/10

    1. Is it that bad ?
      Currenly reading Rebuilding World, this novel so good 4.5/5 rating. The same rating as danmachi

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