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Hi, it has been brought to my attention that quite a number of you use Google Play Books to read your epubs and that, some volumes don’t work, can’t upload, and so on. If you find any of these, please post it in the comments below or use the contact form to tell me which series and volume number, i will try to fix it!


Edit: I’ve cleaned up the comments and added a poll here for the ebook readers you guys mentioned. You can go ahead and suggest more readers you use in the comments section and i’ll add it in.

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  1. just to inform bakemonogatari part 1 is having an error in google play books.
    thank you for all of your uploads all this time

  2. You mention Google Play Books to read,
    1. Is this a tts?

    2. If so, is compatible with Windows 10 or just Android & IPhones?

    3. If compatible with Win10?

    4. If so is it designed so that the limited voices(6 with UK downloaded included, compared to the many android Google voices) are capable of udjusting the pronunciations of words, i.e. especially needed to make things like Mm (always says millimeter insted of emm), Mmn, rgh, many other words & those written with all capital letters always being only spelled out?

    5. If adjustable pronunciations then I’d assume it would have import & export, but can it incorporate Android replace-eng.txt files from @voice aloud or is it like ReadAloud that I found for windows but uses .tsv instead of .txt which it won’t even see in my folder even with ‘All Files’ chosen when serching nor can I find anyway to change .txt to .tsv format be it trough changing it in the name like I do with m4b to m4a audio books or in any settings through properties.

    6. If no to any of those 5 questions, do you know of a Win10 compatable tts program that is able to import replace-eng.txt from an Android so I don’t have to type in the more than 250 adjustments I’ve already created?

    7. Or do you know how I can quicly change the format from .txt to .tsv so I don’t have to type them all in again?

    8. If no to these questions ‘1-5, 6 or 7’, As I couldn’t find any way to just fix pronunciations through the narrator settings in Win10 & I’ve since read online that it is not able to be done as of the time that article was written last year, do you maybe know of a fix around that?

    Info on things I’ve tried…
    I have tried a couple other tts programs but can’t even adjust the pronunciations as far as I can see with them.
    Some I’ve forgoten as I’ve unistalled couple months back but still have Fly Reader (which I can’t even get to highlight the text line it’s reading even though the option is sellected), EPUBReader extention for FireFox, & Microsoft Edge which I use most often, which take their voice from narrator.
    I’ve also tried getting cortana & Alexa(through my Android LG-G3 v6.0 & Polk Sound Bar with Alexa included) to read the EPubs but they just open another of the programs to read with narrator instead.

    I had often just used my miracast from my Android to my 55″ Sony KDL-W800C but at times it starts to get choppy quickly even after clearing out the cache. It also gets extreamly choppy when using the paid version of @voice aloud or FBReader & trying to use the purchased ‘Heather’ voice from cereproc.

  3. I’m not a Play Books user myself, but based on how I’ve fixed thing for others, it seems that Play Books will balk at even the most inconsequential errors thrown by EPUBCheck. I would always recommend trying to validate files before sharing them.

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