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Hi, it has been brought to my attention that quite a number of you use Google Play Books to read your epubs and that, some volumes don’t work, can’t upload, and so on. If you find any of these, please post it in the comments below or use the contact form to tell me which series and volume number, i will try to fix it!


Edit: I’ve cleaned up the comments and added a poll here for the ebook readers you guys mentioned. You can go ahead and suggest more readers you use in the comments section and i’ll add it in.

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  1. Why does the servey reset every time I log-in?
    Not if in same day but each time a new novel is released ir more than once a week if I am checking up.

    1. you mean the survey? The survey actually has 24 hour vote limit. So after 24 hours, you can vote again. That’s the default setting. I’ll change it a bit now

      1. Yes, that is what I was refering to.
        I still don’t see any problems with any of the downloads as every keep mentioning. But the I listen to them through @voice aloud & FBreader instead of trying to read them with my aged eyes now. Maybe thats the difference.

  2. so far i’m converting all novel here to pdf, there is no problem. plus they all fix all the font and spacing itself

    1. @Neuro Nougami,
      Or anyone that knows.
      How do you change an epub to pdf without trying to copy & paste or some method I tried last year that put a lot of gibberish between sentences. As well as lots of diamond & other shaoes including chinese characters if I remember correctly?

  3. Here are the one’s that don’t work for me. Sorry if these have already been fixed i didn’t see them posted or maybe i just didn’t see it.

    Durarara!! – Volume 01
    Infinite Stratos – Volume 03
    Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – Volume 15
    Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka – Volume 03
    Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechu – Volume 05-06

  4. I use Ebook Reader to read the epubs in tablet.
    The apps name is literally ‘Ebook Reader’
    So far it does not have any problems reading your ebooks
    The only thing I have notice is that
    Epub of
    ‘ So I’m a spider, So what?, Vol 5 ‘ TOC is broken when reading. It’s like it’s only hyperlinks
    also Illustrations are off I think.

      1. Well the TOC is still broken using Ebook Reader app.
        The Toc is showing me this types of words in Ebook Reader app


        Basically the codes are being seen rather than the actually TOC it self.
        I think it’s compatibility issue. This never happened in volume 1-4 though only volume 5.

          1. Ehm Thank you for your efforts in trying to find what the problem is with volume 5. But sadly it’s still the same. Don’t know if it’s because I have the same.
            TOC is still showing the codes. Instead of the actual TOC
            This only happens in the app though.
            In PC the epub is fine as hell.
            Don’t know why volume 5 became like this but anyway thanks for the efforts.

  5. I use iBooks and I had this problem when it came to opening certain ePubs but I can’t remember them all. Anyways the only ones I remember is infinite dendrogram vol 5 and monster musume vol 1

    1. Can you try download infinite dendrogram vol. 5 Premium instead? And see if the problem is fixed? Also, for Monster Musume vol. 1, i have tried a different fix, can you see if it works for you? Vol. 01 Fix

    1. What problems do you face with these 2 volumes? I checked them, they are working perfectly fine with Google Play Books.

  6. Moon+ Reader if you’re reading it yourself.

    @Voice Aloud Reader if you install the Ivona Voice Pack (I recommend Amy (UK English) as it is the nicest of the 50+ voices in there to listen to). The Ivona Voice Pack however is not on the store as it is in perpetual beta for the phone. Thus it is free, but you need to get the APK from online. Ivona is also on the computer, but is a rediculously expensive program if you do not pirate it (couple hundred dollar voices, but because it is in beta on the phone, it is free on the phone). Because Ivona is in beta (forever, think they gave up on finishing it) it does stop working at times, in which you’ll need to go into settings>apps>ivona and force stop it. After that, just open it again and the voice pack works again.

    Ivona Voice Pack is probably the best sounding voice pack you can find (probably why it’s a couple hundred dollar program on the computer), but it is just that, a voice pack. It should work with any read aloud program, but I find the @Voice Aloud Reader the best phone one to use.

    I personally use all of the above while at work every day (thus getting in 8+ hours of books read to me every day and if it’s a good book, I’ll read it myself when I get home as well as I can read much faster) and I go through 1-2 novels a day because of that.

    1. How do you add the APK?
      I had downloaded it last year when I 1st got @voice aloud but it would never open nor do anything if I put it in tge same folder as @voice.
      Now if you tell me how to get it to work, please send a link to find it as well. I never could relocate the dl page to read if any instructions after I’d dl it in last phone. Don’t even havecthe file in this phone (both are androids).
      Also could never find Ivona in google pay but i had found some voices that were ~$1 each, are the ivona voices part of the APK?

      1. Ok, i guess the apk that i wrote about was a link from @voice when I dl it tge 1st time & could never locate again.
        I have the ivona.apk & tried installing a couple amy voices but they get hung up on the final dl after 1st installed.
        Even though i have ‘allow instillation from unkniwn sources’ checked, it still tells me installation failed because i didn’t get the file from play store.
        Using an lg-g3 with android v6.0
        Any idea how to get it to work or have you a link?
        BTW the main page for ivona voices will play samples but when click to download it says not found

        1. Well the one for $1/ voice is from CereProc.
          @voice says it is not as good as Ivona but it’s still better than just using google voices with @voice aloud & FBreader.
          Chose Heather-Scotland

  7. I can also help fix epub fikes as I have been fixing those for a while and have a little knowledge of their coding as well.

        1. I’ve also rewritten some complete epub files pretty much from scratch (with some material as reference).

  8. I have not had many issues recently, but my download process is long, I run all Epubs through calibre before uploading the Play books, the rare occasions they fail to upload, I convert to .Mobi and then back to .epub and it clears all the phantom formatting issues that get in the way.

  9. Accel World 14, 15 cover
    Black Bullet 7 illustration
    Danmachi 8, 10 illustration
    Danmachi 12 cover+illustration
    Danmachi Familia Chronicle cover
    Danmachi Sword Oratoria 6 cover
    Danmachi Sword Oratoria 7 cover+illustration
    Darenidemo Dekiru Kage kara Tasukeru Maou Toubatsu 1 cover
    Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 5, 6 illustration
    Goblin Slayer Year One 1 illustration
    No Game No Life 7 illustration
    Overlord 7, 8 illustration
    Psycome 3, 5 illustration
    RE:Zero 2 illustration
    RE:Zero 8 cover
    SAO Progressive 5 illustration
    Sukasuka 2 cover
    The Asterisk War 8 illustration
    The Devil is A Part Timer 9, 12 illustration
    The Irregular at Magic High School 3, 4, 5, 6 illustration
    The Isolator 1-4 illustration

    1. I fixed Accel World 14-15. Danmachi 12, Familia Chronicle, Oratoria 6-7, Darenidemo 1, ReZero 8, Sukasuka 2.
      And what do you mean by illustration??

        1. Generally, the illustrations are as they were gotten from the publisher, and depending on the place that it was bought, the quality differs. Some illustrations suffer from this as the images are resized smaller and/or have lower quality.

          The only way around this is to either forcefully stretch the image bigger, or purchase it from another source, so i can’t really do much in this case.

          1. It has the same problem with Danmachi vol 3 & 4. I could open the file before the fix but with it show smaller image. Just like the cover it show on me but smaller and the comment above say it didn’t show up. Right now Danmachi vol 3 & 4 show the normal size for the image after download yesterday

            1. That’s odd, because i didn’t touch anything regarding the images or the css. But aside from that, you should be able to zoom or double-click the image on your epub reader for it to show the full or zoomed-in version right?

                1. I checked, indeed, there are different styles in the books mentioned vs the others that results in changing the size displayed.

                  The affected ones seem to have calibre styles added to them, causing this. Though, at this stage, i’m not too sure of how to remove all these easily without having to edit each value individually and verify each image is fine after the edit…

                  1. Just do what you want to do.
                    It doesn’t really a problem for me since I could zoom the image, It just feel weird that’s all.
                    Sorry for the trouble.

  10. I think all of Shield Hero except for the last two volumes wouldn’t load in.

    The Irregular at Magic High School vol. 8 & 9 covers don’t show.

    Sword Art Online vol. 14 & 15 covers don’t show.

    1. i fixed and uploaded new vol 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-11 some time back, you wanna try redownload and see if it is fixed for you?

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