Grimgar Vol. 14 Premium Updated

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Volume 14 Premium or Mobile


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      1. After I import it to Mega’s cloud drive and press download, it says “download starting” before proceeding to not even downloading at all. Thus, I tried to unzip it first, but what that got download is nothing but “text.txt“

        There are no problems with other volumes, but this 14th one is the only one that wasn’t working. Thus, I conclude that the file got corrupted.

        1. You might want to use another browser? I just tested the link, i successfully downloaded a 17.4mb zip and extracted it to get the epub file inside. I don’t know how to fix your problem but you can just open the link in a private tab and download instead of importing to cloud drive?

  1. Grimgar brought me to this web site, i wonder how the heck u guy manage to stay this long
    many thank

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