Guide to the Perfect Otaku Girlfriend: Roomies and Romance

同棲から始まるオタク彼女の作りかたDousei Kara Hajimaru Otaku Kanojo no Tsukurikata

If I’m going to find a girlfriend, she has to be an otaku. She’ll be beautiful, innocent, with long black hair, and she’ll like all the stuff that I like! Kokoro Nishina, the girl I’m living with, is the exact opposite of that. So why did I promise that I’d turn that flashy, extroverted gyaru into the ideal otaku girlfriend?! Sadly, I know just how it feels to need a little self-improvement to find the perfect date… and there’s no way a girl like that will tell her friends that she’s actually a closet fujoshi. But I’ll teach her—then maybe she can teach me too! With my expertise, she’ll definitely become an otaku’s dream girl!

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Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Volume 01 Premium or (Mirror) Fixed cover not showing
Volume 02 or (Mirror)
Volume 03 or (Mirror)

Updated January 5, 2022
Volume 04 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. March 22, 2022

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  1. Excuse me, it’s the same in the official version on amazon, or the files here got some bug? All the colored illustrations, character information are put to the last pages…

    1. JNC changed to have their color illustrations at the back of the book, they’ve been doing it for a while now actually.
      (in other words, we didn’t touch the book, this is the way it was)

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