Happy 2021!!!

Good job everyone, we survived 2020!

Have a good year ahead! It’s amazing that our backlog of light novels is pretty small, we’ve really come a long way from when we first started, haven’t we? Let’s hope we can keep this up for the coming year too!

Buy more novels, be kind to one another and most importantly, stay safe.

42 thoughts on “Happy 2021!!!

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  1. Hello, thank you very much for everything! I have a question, does anybody know of a website about sharing official manga epubs? Something like thatmangacorner.com? Thanks!

  2. Hello,

    None of the detonnot/aporasal/AdFly links are working, at least from the newest ones. After one clicks Skip Ad as usual, it takes you to a page not found page.

    Anyone else having that problem?

    1. This recent issue seems to affect mobile browsers, but we’re not too sure yet. For now, just refreshing it a few times or pressing BACK and clicking on the link again might help. There seems to be some issue with adfly that is causing this, sorry about that.

      1. OK thanks, but I’m not on a mobile browser. I’m on a desktop using Chrome. Hopefully it’ll start working again then.

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