Happy 2021!!!

Good job everyone, we survived 2020!

Have a good year ahead! It’s amazing that our backlog of light novels is pretty small, we’ve really come a long way from when we first started, haven’t we? Let’s hope we can keep this up for the coming year too!

Buy more novels, be kind to one another and most importantly, stay safe.

42 thoughts on “Happy 2021!!!

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    1. There is no paypal donation anymore due to circumstances. You can always donate books instead, buy from kobo and share with everyone, or buy jnc premiums and share. If you need help, you can use the Contact form.

  1. I thought you have some serious problem or what because it’s been 2 days (in my timezones) I can’t access this holy site anymore

    Ah yokatta, I hope we all can safe in this pandemic

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