Hell Mode Vol. 4 Premium


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  1. 3 campaigns, SHEEEEESSHHH. ok, lets be real. this piece of novel is waaay better than overlord. legit more enggaging than Overlord’s main complications (so far), and nope, this is not a hype ride after reading 3 ‘campaigns’ in 1 volume, it’s all on Hamuo’s writing style. like, imagine reading 3 campaigns without burning out. Ainz’s ‘journey’ to save the kingdom was so boring og. yea its part of saving it and the author took his time on writing a structure but come on.
    i feel like reviewing it more, but my laziness overcomes it, so yea.
    oh and, i will always try to find popular series’ weaknesses like overlord so other small series like hell mode can get enough attention. but hell mode is actually better than overlord. no joke.

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