Honzuki no Gekokujou Vol. 3.5 Premium

本好きの下剋上 ~司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません~Ascendance of a Bookworm

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Volume 03.5 Premium or Mirror

Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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  1. It’s not really odd IMHO, There’s a style in manga called chibization or w.e it’s called in Japanese that give a certain rule on how to draw chibi or children size human proportions and it explains that to give perfect balance proportions the artist must make sure that they’re using 2-4 heads height to draw it.

    I used to own “How to draw anime” tutorial books when I was a child, One with female ver. The other with how to draw Shounen characters both of them has similar introductions on how to draw children so I think that kind of art style is completely normal for Japanese artist.

    I mean making their heads a lil bigger makes the char cuter no? See some Chibis for reference lol

  2. Hi, I’m using Moonreader Pro and for some reason most of the images in this volume doesn’t show up. I tried redownloading this thrice thinking there might be corrupted during my DL but issue still persists. The prior volumes are all fine though, only this one is bugging on mine. Can you check what might be the problem? Thanks.

    1. Huh? Generally speaking, premiums are the most ‘untouched’ ebooks, they should work as is without issues. Try download with another device or browser? And what do you mean images are not showing up? You mean you can read but there are no images? I have never heard of such an issue before, I’m gonna need specifics.

      1. I’m not sure why its like that. Mmh its like the images are not loading up. Yeah I can read the text but not all images show up, only up to 3 images showed up not blank on mine. The colored cover, one part of the images introducing the character, and last one is the image somewhere in the middle showing Myne with Charlotte. Then the rests are all blank images, like there is supposed to be an image there but it doesn’t show up. I’m using moonreader pro, its more apparent too when you hold the image, then it will be like a gallery, then when you swipe, it will toggle to the images of the book, so far I had a lot of blank pages when swiping.

        I’m okay now though. I used my JNC prem point to get it directly from them, and it fixed when I opened their copy. I can now see all the images, like the Myne in the water with her guardians (Bonifatius,Sylvester,etc) on the back, map of Ehrenfest, the short comic at the end and so on.

      2. I sent a YT link on the bug I encountered using the site’s contact form. I think its better to see it than it be explained by words. Gimme heads up on this thread or on the email I used on that form when you are done so I can bring down the screen video. Hope it could help, thanks.

        1. I’m not receiving any youtube links in the contact form. Either you didn’t send it right, or it got auto-removed for spam. I installed moonreader pro and opened the book just fine. I could see all the pictures as i scroll, then I did as you mentioned and long-tapped on the image so that it shows an image carousel, and even that worked perfectly fine with no missing images. You might want to consider re-downloaded the ebook (remember to unzip it with the right password), re-install your moonreader, or I don’t know anymore.

          1. Thanks for the replies. Hmm weird, I sent it though, using the same name but a different email address. When I clicked the button it even said message sent and kinda repeated the inputted text on the textboxes as just text.

            I tried redownloading too on both links mega/yandex, still the same for me sadly. Though its kinda fine since using JNC copy already worked for mewithout doing any change on the app or such. Just weird it didn’t work the same with this one. I’m not sure how exactly the 2 differ but MXplorer says the copy here is 32.6 mb while the one I got on JNC is 32.7 mb.

            Not sure maybe it has some effects but apps I use are below.

            Android Chrome for browsing
            MEGA android app to download
            MiXplorer to extract
            Moonreader pro to read.
            Also my android version is 5.1.1 coz maybe this has some effect too.

            I can put the yt vid link here directly too in this thread .. but I’m not sure what the rules allow. Coz I also streamed it step by step with me downloading from this site, extracting and opening it using Moonreader. Though if you’ll give permission I’ll post the link here. If not, since the contact form didn’t send my message, if somehow you have some discord or something to send links too it would be better. I can also send the two books as reference too like what I did too when I asked Moonreader dev the prob during the broken ToC bug on the Non Premium Mapping novel before.

            Though if you think to just let it go since its probably just an issue with my device coz I’m the only one getting this bug. I’m fine with it too. I’m embarassed with this already taking your time. My apologies and many thanks. 😔

            1. Perhaps the android version is the problem… https://2.222.at/lwyEXf Here’s the link to a version where i tweaked the TOC a little bit. If this doesn’t work then I truly have no idea what the issue is. You can post the link in the comments, just put a space inbetween or something.

              1. Thanks for the reply.I remade the screen video including the new link above you gave. Here is the video link. https://youtu.be/BabcisLq_5U

                Refer to description as guide to the video order. Also showed the 5000 bytes difference of the JNC and the copy from here.

                I actually tried it in my friends mi phone, which was Android version 10. And yeah the book copy here showed the images so its probably the android version. So I assume that JNCs copy is compatible to my old android 5.1 phone. Here is the link to that JN copy for comparison.

                You can delete this comment when you got the links. Thanks 😊

              2. Sadly the link above’s copy also show no images for me. I remade the video to show the copy above too. I actually posted earlier too but seems my comment with links was not allowed since it didn’t post. So I’ll just place the ending key of my YT vid.


                Refer on the the description for the video’s order. Also included the file size show by mxplorer. There is about a 5000 bytes discrepancy on JNC copy and the one here.

                Also yeah, I guess its an android version problem. I tried it on my friend’s android 10 Mi phone, and the copy in this site showed the images on there. So I assume JN’s copy is compatible to my old android 5.1.1 phone. Below is their copy for your reference. Again since posting direct link is not posting my comment, I’ll just place mega’s link key and decryption key instead of the whole link.


                Feel free to delete this comment post once checked all the links. Many thanks~

                1. Hey hey hey, you should NOT post your copy, not to the public at least. Comments are semi-moderated, you should just wait for it to be approved. I hope no one downloaded your copy during the 3 hours your comment was up, because your personal info is inside. Look at the copyright page and your username is at the bottom…

                  There are definitely discrepancies in filesizes since i edit the books and re-save it.

                  As for why your copy will work, well, give me some time to look into it (i downloaded your copy by the way).

                  1. Oof, many thanks for the warning. So for comments with links it is for your approval. I got used that the comments are posted right away so I thought it was already filtered away. I also didn’t know my username was on the copyright page. I will take note of those from now on. Though I think its fine, I haven’t used that account since 2 years. I remembered I had extra credits so I just logged in that account just to get a copy. And that is the username too I use on public accounts. My important accounts have different ones.

                    I also removed the link on my copy and made the video private after seeing your heads up that you downloaded it already.

                    Again many thanks, and hope you could see where the difference where. 😊

                    1. The approval system picks some comments for approval, but I won’t go into specifics since it’ll lead to abuse. Anyway, just for your info, the copyright page is NOT the only place with your private ID. They hide it in several places.

                      I’m still overloaded this week so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to take a look at it, sorry for that.

                    2. Oh I can’t reply to the thread below, mmh child threads probably has some max cap.

                      Sure np. Take your time. I just hope any book I fancy next won’t have the same issue. Again many thanks~ 😊

        2. I used 2 of my mobile and my laptop to check if this error/bug would show up but it appears the issue is only with your side. I have Moonreader+ Pro to all my device, I had re-DL + re-opened the file with my moonreader pro app to all devices with no problem.

  3. After reading this volume I have only two things to share. And those two are the hype for the next one and the other is about Damuel…..I feel bad for him as a fellow man that’s troubled with marriage

  4. The epilogue is right in the middle of the story with plenty of chapters that dont seem to be bonus stories following it. Might wanna take a look at it.

  5. Disapointed the story was cut in the middle. Wanted to finally read the after-potion. But again, filling & waiting…

  6. Lol JLN edited/linked their website in this epub before sharing this… XD

    It’s not an issue but prefer the pristine ver w.o any advertisements so I’ll wait for another uploaded file before re-DLing it, I sorta like Jowy’s upload better since there aren’t any advertisements… he uploads the unedited official release better 🙂

    Still thanks tho to whoever shared this hehe

  7. I’ve seriously been free for 8 days wondering when will the next volume come out and now that I have lot of work it comes out. I hate my luck SO MUCH… 😭
    BTW thanks.

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