HQ Reuploads from Burnout~

So i got some HQ reuploads from Burnout, thanks for sharing!

Saikyou Gamer HQ Reupload Volume 02 or Mobile

Senka no Maihime HQ Reupload Volume 02 or Mobile

Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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  1. Thanks Burnout and Jowy!

    @Jowy I have removed the white bands in the illustrations HQ.
    *The original version is what has a ( _ )
    *The photos that are in the “Colors RGB” folder have a different color to the original.

    What I do recommend is that you change the illustration “frontmatter1” because the one you have uploaded is at 416x632px

    PD: Here you have the link, in case you want to update it.

    1. thanks for pointing it out, i have replaced that image with the one from kobo. As for the white band, i’ve decided to leave it untouched.

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