I Met You After the End of the World

世界の終わりに君に出会ったSekai no owari ni kimi ni de atta

Tokyo – Population: 2

A deadly pandemic sweeps across the world, and Yamada Daisuke is the only survivor in Tokyo. Get up early, fight rush hour, work until the last train – it’s all over. He doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore. Even money has lost its value because there is nowhere to spend it.

But things do get quite lonely as the last man standing. He has the city all to himself and no one to share it with.

One day he meets Sayaka – a girl who came from outside Tokyo. They decide to stick together because there is no one else left. A high school girl and an office worker. Two people who would’ve never met otherwise.

They decide to travel together all over Japan. Side by side. Partners at the end of the world. But what will they find on their journey?

A new [Salaryman x JK] post-apocalypse light novel!

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Genre: English, Post-Apocalypse, Romance
Volume 01 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBA
Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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  1. Started reading and the main character started spouting depressing shits of his life to the point I dropped it. I haven’t finished it, don’t want such a unmotivated depressing story.

  2. so yeah apparently, i was reading in dark mode and the text wont adapt to the color of the background, idk why but it seems there are no problems

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