I’m in Love with the Villainess Vol. 3

私の推しは悪役令嬢。Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou.

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  1. I wonder if this includes the sex chapter the author wrote lol ….. Probably not but I’d quite respect him if it is here.

      1. Haha it is but the chaps behind a paywall.

        Errrr idk how to feel about it tbh is the author kinda scummy ? Paywalling 1 erotica chapter at 5 bucks? Or well it was just a little extra for people that feel like paying for reading it.

        Nahh it was a scum move tbh lol.

        1. i hope you wanted to say “scam” and not “scum”, but even so, it’s just you being salty and not the author fault to write how she wants

          1. Being salty hu … Well yeah kind of after all I think it was 5 dollars for that one chap which felt like of weird.

            Now I get it the author wanted to get some money out of her popular web novel but it still feels kind of iffy.

            Your comment is kinda stupid too, like indeed she can write whatever she wants but paywalling it is … Well you know kinda iffy, again I understand it but well it really has nothing to do with her writing what she wants it’s what she did that’s sus.

            Hey either way I like the series all right, I bought the Japanese volumes and all, I bought the chap which the translator linked to the authors account and all, I’m just calling out a scummy move.

        2. Just saw her fanbox and the chapter actually costs 1 dollar, the standard price for all others. Please don’t go spreading misinformation like that.

          She’s also writing the story on Claire’s perspective, and gave permission for it to be translated and published online for free.

          Even if it was 5 bucks, she’s working and has the rights to charge for it, not a big deal. If one wants to support her and can afford it, then they can go and buy it.

          R18 chapter: https://anon.to/UYeRkE
          Claire’s WN: https://anon.to/TxfLJr

    1. The erotica chapter is more like of an extra content for her pledgers/subscribers in pixiv and has no connection in the main plot. Either way, it was impossible for that erotica chapter to be published inside this book since the book in the first place is not R-18.

      Well t’is just an explanation for the comment scrollers.

  2. i was waiting for this one, i am really curious, volume 2 has a nice ending for the story almost all of the character arcs and plots ended, i can think on a couple of things but… spoilers so i am not saying

    let’s see where this goes now i hope it doesn’t go full stupid

    Thanks for the upload

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