I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!


A hilarious sci-fi isekai about a guy who just can’t manage to be the villain he wants to be.

In his last life, Liam lived as a moral, responsible person…but died deep in debt and betrayed by his wife. Reborn into the ruling family of a vast interstellar empire, Liam knows that life is divided between the downtrodden and the ones who do the stomping, so this time he’s going to take what he wants and live for himself. But somehow, things refuse to work out that way. Despite doing his best to become a tyrant, Liam’s decisions lead to nothing but peace and prosperity for the empire under his rule, and he just gets more and more popular!

俺は星間国家の悪徳領主!Ore wa Seikan Kokka no Akutoku Ryoushu!

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance, Science Fiction
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Updated February 17, 2023
Volume 04 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBD
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  1. a story like ginga eiyuu would be great, this series has so many potential. but ofc it’s up to the author to choose which route theyre taking on this novel. further rant soon

    1. the characters are decent, but so many wasted character development due to its pacing. speaking about pacing, the plot managed to keep up with it, then again, it could be 20+ volumes if the author really put their mind into it.

      as someone who enjoys sci-fi works (stellaris, elysium, the expanse, dune, homeworld, ginga eiyuu, MSG, GITS) I can say intergalactic demon lord barely passed my category of ‘good scifi’. my main reason is depth. cuz its a scifi work, where the character gets reincarnated (using past memories to advance), started as a baron in a nation, having fantasy magic in combats (plus giant robots), with minimal ‘worldbuilding’, so little ‘technicality’ like how are robots made with gold can withstand a heavy load of pressure, pirates are everywhere leading to power scaling issues, and to put the cherry on top, its a harem.

      and the worse part about it is these small impossible mistakes to make in a very advanced civilization. god bless civilization but it does not shine upon this novel. just how were the villains does not know a rising star baron (that was awarded by the imperial family for annihilating a pirate armada with 4x its numbers?????) just how? i like to think the *light novel* standards are Slime, Goblin Slayer, MinMax TRPG, and wandering witch. but these deus ex machina like complications made novels like this as featherweight novels. just why? it’s not that hard to give your characters some credibility by not forgetting their achievements and putting it to use? unless if the empire cover a whole galaxy, informations like this would be a lot common, but a mere baron summoned to the capital is still surely a big hit, and a nation covering a galaxy is something i’d like to believe impossible; diplomatically, politically, strategically, geographically, and logically. since the ruler MUST rule with an iron fist, and that leads to another problem, like, the current imperial family have around 100+ heirs, and just having that many heirs will make a bloodbath if the emperor abdicate or died.

      at least its not as worse as another reincarnated in scifi world novel. a 6.5/10
      but a recommendation if you like to chill in the emptiness of space (but this novel doesnt give you that lol)

      1. note: change baron to count.

        The Harkonnen House from Dune is a barony of drig cartel that made them wealthier than the emperor, and even managed to influence the emperor to revoke a Duke title. IT GAVE ME THE CHIILLLLSSS

  2. There is no side story on vol 2 about a crossover between evil lord and otome game where liam is sent to the world of otome game ?

  3. Some LN exclusive characters and happenings, so even if one read the WN completely, it’s better to read the LN as well

  4. Wow, i must say i was suprised by the story. Generic title but the story is interesting and funny. It start out with your typical isekai revenge plot but quickly turning into comedy due to a series of misunderstanding/misconception. This remind of of Eminent in the Shadow, so if you like that, give this a try as well.

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