Infinite Dendrogram Vol. 14 Premium


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Download here or try the mirror links:
Volume 14 Premium or Mirror
Note that bonus content is delayed, so it is not available yet


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  1. It says this is Premium, yet the note says bonus content is delayed… so does it mean we’ll have more content beyond Premium version?

    1. As per their post in the JNC forums, this volume’s premium content is supposed to be bonus short stories. It wasn’t completed by the release deadline so the premium is currently released without it. They will re-release the premium when it is done.

      1. Oh OK, thanks. Then for our purposes, we really don’t have the Premium version yet from what I understand. Regardless, will keep an eye out for when the full release comes out. Thanks.

        1. We do, actually. Premiums have higher quality illustrations than the releases from elsewhere (Kobo, amazon, etc.), but I get what you mean.

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