Interspecies Reviewers: Ecstasy Days

異種族レビュアーズ えくすたしー・でいずIshuzoku Reviewers: Ecstasy Days


In a world where an endless variety of humanoid species coexist, there’s an equally endless variety of sexy shops sure to satisfy your every carnal desire! But say you’re spoiled for choice or you have a place in mind but you’re not sure if it’ll live up to the hype. That’s where the Interspecies Reviewers come in! These brave souls will dive crotch-first into the unknown and write a review that tells it true. From time-traveling temptresses to poison-breathed basilisk babes, join Stunk, Zel, and Crim on their erotic adventures as they sample the many deviant delights the world of succubus joints has to offer!

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Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Monster Girls
Volume 01 or (Mirror)

Updated May 27, 2021
Volume 02 or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBD

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