Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!

異世界魔法は遅れてる!The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind!

Suimei and two of his best friends find themselves mysteriously summoned to another world. There’s a cute princess, magic galore, a Demon Lord that needs to be defeated, and a world that needs to be saved—the works! Too bad Suimei isn’t interested. His friends are all too ready to play the parts of heroes, but Suimei just wants to get home. He has an advantage as a magician… but he’s in for a rude awakening when he finds out what actually passes for magic in these parts.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance
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Updated March 17, 2020
Volume 09 Premium or (Mirror) or (Mirror G)

Next volume est. TBD

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  1. Never thought i’d die laughing from cringe.
    Im sorry, it made me respecting Grimgar, Magic User, and Death March.
    The concept of Hero in fantasy is so overrated. This, and that Reincarnated Assassin gave this “hero” title a bit more credit to what it really is. There are 2 popular types of moving to a parallel world; The Summoned way (like this), and the Reincarnated or ‘Reborn with past life memories way’.

    So anyway, this series used the Summoned way alright, which is THE bs way to give a hero title in the first place. Ok, first, based on stats the hero should be more powerful than the world’s average citizens. Second, no way in the most common sense can someone get op skill/s just cuz he passed through a/an (interdimensional) portal. God’s blessings cuz he was forced to kill a demon lord, okay fine, but giving them an OP headstart ruins the whole meaning of a “Hero”.

    Oh and it says Heroes, with ‘s’, a plural, defeats the demon lord with only 2 weeks of prep. Thats another bs. For an AVERAGE “High Schooler” to defeat the DL with just 2 weeks of preps is stupidly OP.

    Ok thats it, im only talking about the hero OPness, MHA fans will be screeching if theyre reading this ig. its the only thing I can give my thoughts clearly.
    Characters are bad and so generic, characters overreacts a lot, characters didnt act like a “high schooler” would, characters are cringe, dialogs are what you’ll expect to see on a school’s drama show, the plot is a copy paste generic hero summon defeating demon lord save the world with some detective work and investigations. Its awful. Its like Rokka is the Sherlock Holmes, and this series is on Rokka level. Cant even reach Doraemon n Co level. Englishnt.

  2. Looks like the author has complete left for his new project,
    The magician who rose from failure

    Looks like they released two books just this year. Doesn’t bold well imo for continuing this series which is super disappointing as I really enjoyed it.

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