Isekai Ryouridou Vol. 3 Updated

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  1. Hello, can you give me your opinion about this novel? From my reading of the manga I don’t think it will be very interesting.

    1. I picked the series up not expecting much and now it’s my favorite. At it’s core its a feel good cooking slice of life without much drama or world changing events. But the characters are among the most likeable I know and it feels fresh and “un-trope-y” for a fantasy setting. If you like slower stories that follows the characters more than some big story events then I’ll highly recomment the book.

    2. I really enjoyed this story. I haven’t read the manga but the pace of the story really works well and the characters are well written. One thing I really appreciated about the story is that it isn’t just about food but there’s a lot more going on in the background.

    3. I was hooked on it for a bit at the start. But then… i got bored. It just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I have developed a dislike for isekai cooking anime/series that goes ‘this is the papipu fruit, stinky, only poor people eat this’ and our protagonist will say ‘i will challenge this!’ and the solution he came up with is actually ‘papipu fruit tastes like apple, so i made papipu tart’ and everybody reacts with ‘what is this? how can a mere papipu fruit be so delicious? you’re a genius OMG’.

      Yea, sorry if it seems like i am belittling the work but personally it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I was initially interested in the human interactions though, since i enjoyed some of the characters and how he build relationships. Try it first and see if the writing can appeal to you?

      1. Of course with all due respect, there is an aspect of this in the story, but I’ve read a bit further than what’s been officially translated and the story goes deeper into relationships between different cultures in the town and into the reason why the Tribes are hated. I won’t spoil anything but I got hooked onto that aspect of the story more than the food part of it. Of course the food is an important aspect in the story, but it delves in much deeper thanks to the food part of it.

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