Isekai Tensei: Recruited to Another World


After waking up at his own funeral, Tenma Otori gets a second chance at life when a god from another world presents him with an enticing offer: if Tenma agrees to be reincarnated in order to save their dying world, the gods will bestow cheat abilities upon him. Tenma accepts, and is reborn in a lush fantasy world filled with demi-humans, magic spells and items, monsters, mysterious forests, and more! As he grows, more of his gods-given powers and abilities—including his unique power to befriend adorable monsters like slimes and baby wolves—are revealed to his adoptive parents, two former master adventurers, and his grandfather, a famous wizard. But one fateful day, three mysterious strangers shatter the tranquility of Tenma’s village by trying to kidnap him, and that’s where Tenma’s adventure really begins…

異世界転生の冒険者Isekai Tensei no BoukenshaThe Adventurer Reincarnated into Another World

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Tragedy
Volume 01 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 02 Premium or (Mirror)

Updated March 1, 2023
Volume 03 Premium or (Mirror)

Next volume est. June 8, 2023

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  1. Once again, found what look like a typo, this time in volume 2 premium:

    I guessed that the crocodile shark was about three kilograms.
    (possible correction #1) = I guessed that the crocodile shark was about three thousand kilograms.
    (possible correction #2) = I guessed that the crocodile shark was about three tons.

    The translator must have made a copying error, otherwise the sentence does not make sense with the description of the novel.

  2. Found what look like a typo in volume 1 premium:

    Orcs were Rank B monsters, and giant ones were more than three meters tall.
    (correction) = Ogres were Rank B monsters, and giant ones were more than three meters tall.

    The translator must have made a copying error, otherwise the sentence does not make sense with the settings of the novel.

  3. i gotta say this. slime and fenrir as familiars, kinda sus tbh, what next, a tiny dragon?

    by the same logic used with the tags, Hell Mode, Goblin Slayer, and I’m a Spider are basically Slice of Life too. nvm that, tags arent important. but the tragedy tag is weird, like altair said.

    it started mid, then the timeskip, there are few progressions obv, but, it’s minimal. unsurprisingly tho, our MC is quite lucky, even with his B Luck stat, and he’s so OP (in a bad way). power sense in this series is so bad, it uses rpg system but it’s trippy. its confusing to gauge a character’s strenght, esp on the climax. i’d still rate this higher than The Great Cleric tho, its still lacking on the characters’ side, like I said below, it’s soulless, they don’t even have an ambition.

  4. Wow more isekai trash hu? I’m always up for more isekao stories really lol, and that tragedy tag looks kinda weird there, pretty decent first volum though the last part was kinda boring and felt unnecessary.

    1. What makes isekai automatic trash?
      There are just as many good ones as bad, as that is all on the author.
      I suggest reading “The Wandering Inn” if you’re looking for something amazing.

      1. he meant that this novel is on the ‘trash’ side of isekai. it is generic, OP MC with little to no elbow greasing, characters feels soulless or i’d say like an NPC.

      2. Hahaha nah I’m just playing into the isekai trash joke man, but really I freaking love isekai, read most of the ones that come out really as long as the mc isn’t a complete useless pushover.

        That series has been recommended to me but I haven’t gotten around to it, it’s just too long lol, is it really that good? Nice characters? Romance ? Story ?

        1. Series is amazing.

          It is written by an English speaker author (gender and all that is unknown, as the author just goes by a pen-name). All chapters for free on their own site too, though of course they sell it in e-book form and audio book on amazon.

          Very well written and yes long. It has a slower start than most, but the build up is strong and as it gets going, you just cannot put it down with some of the best action scenes and scenes that just really move you.

          Even characters that just grate you the wrong way are incredibly well written and even ones you don’t think about get character growth as the story progresses.

          Very detailed world on a grand scale with lots of plots and intelligent (and silly too) characters.

          Romance isn’t a strong thing in this series, at least as far as the MC is concerned. Not for the lack of a couple of others trying, but more that it isn’t really something on her mind or something she fully understands.

          The MC is silly at times and cunning/manipulative at others. She’s good at being herself, while always letting on less that what she is to others.

          As far as length, the series is only getting longer. As there are 2 new chapters out a week and to compare. I can go through 1 to 1.5 light novels a day in my 10 hour shift (having it read out loud to me with voice apps while I work). I can only go through a couple chapters a day in this series…. Each novel having 50-100 chapters or so (starts off less and each novel gets longer and longer, but still stays good), with the 9th book in the series only just started.

          I honestly cannot believe the quality of writing. Especially at such a pace….. It’s just astonishing.

          Personally, despite the length, have read what is out multiple times….

          1. Wow I cam definitely see the love, well I’ll be sure to at least try it out then, I can’t really read ar work myself though so my time is quite limited ….. but this weekend I’ll give it a try.

            Thx for the lengthy and helpful description, it really got me wanting to read it lol.

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