Isekai Tensei Vol. 3 Premium

異世界転生の冒険者Isekai Tensei no BoukenshaThe Adventurer Reincarnated into Another World

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7 thoughts on “Isekai Tensei Vol. 3 Premium

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  1. Very poorly written. I blame the editors not telling the author to make the story shorter. I am done reading vol. 3 and won’t be reading any future volumes.

  2. seems to be some sort of error on pg 35 causing a portion of the book to be missing. “Error loading chapter number 10”

    1. What software are you using to read? I’m not able to see this error on my end, and there’s no chapter number 10? If going by the chapter order, then chapter 10 should be the copyright page, so it shouldn’t impact the story at all?

      1. i’m using the freda reader and the error is occuring after the image of the dragon hatchling and jumping to the image of a the boy with the ogre

        1. yeah it’s apparently my epub reader as I went and downloaded a new on and it worked fine. I’ve never had this problem with freda before though?

          1. Every ebook reader has their own interpretation and implementation of the epub standard, so they will all yield different results. We usually recommend ibooks/googleplaybooks/PocketBook/sumatrapdf/moonreader, to name a few. These are also the most popular book readers so most of the population uses it.

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