Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.

異世界はスマートフォンとともに。In Another World With My Smartphone

After a freak accident involving some lightning winds up zapping him dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki Touya wakes up to find himself face-to-face with God. “I am afraid to say that I have made a bit of a blunder…” laments the old coot. But all is not lost! God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and as a bonus, he gets to bring his smartphone along with! So begins Touya’s adventure in a new, anachronistic pseudo-medieval world. Friends! Laughs! Tears! Inexplicable Deus ex Machina! He sets off on a journey full of wonder as he absentmindedly travels from place to place, following whatever goal catches his fancy. The curtains lift on an epic tale of swords, sorcery, and smartphone apps!

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life
Volume 01 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 02 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 03 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 04 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 05 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 06 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 07 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 08 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 09 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 10 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 11 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 12 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 13 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 14 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 15 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 16 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 17 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 18 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 19 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 20 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 21 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 22 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 23 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 24 Premium or (Mirror)
Volume 25 Premium or (Mirror) Updated 31-Jul-2022 v1.1

Updated October 14, 2022
Volume 26 Premium or (Mirror)

Next volume est. TBA

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    1. Test v1 and it works. Refer to the FAQs. Use another browser, adjust your adblocker and antivirus, bypass the warning if any.

  1. As of 2022/07/31 for LN 02-11, the base links lead to a google ‘unsafe site’. The mirror links lead to ‘The file you are trying to download is no longer available’.

    Regardless, thanks for keeping this library available.

  2. Hello, i am just reading volume 25 epub when i discovered that the illustrations are misplaced, like illustration that is supposed to be in chapter magical sugar is insted in place the chapter Agartha, the Mechanical City where there suposet to be the illustrations depicting yae and being in the guild while that illustration is in the place where touya leen and quun discover Agatha instead while that illustration is on the end of the chapter where the supposed to be the picture of quun getting angry at touya, so basically they are one place behind the place where the supposed to be starting from the magical sugar chapter forward

    1. Não estou conseguindo baixar o volume 25 vc pode me mandar o link ele abre uma página que não direciona para eu baixar o arquivo

  3. Hello it’s seems that volume 24 have a problem that redirecting to a site name and google considering it as a phishing site.

    1. That is correct actually. Just pass through the ad link and you’ll reach the download site. There’s nothing we can do about google reports.

  4. Thx for vol 23.
    Also, just making sure, the vol 22 don’t have a premium version or it just won’t be uploaded?

    1. All JNC releases have premiums (there are also premiums without bonus content).
      We will upload the premiums if we buy or someone shares it with us. As of now, nobody has shared 22 premium yet.

      1. Thx for the information.
        It seems that either of those happened, thx for whoever it was. I will gladly update my version 🙂

      2. hey erm idk if this is just an issue for me but i cant see vol 23 of “Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni” on its main page , it does appear when i search for its dedicated post though

        1. If you can’t see the links, it’s related to the issue mentioned in the FAQs. It’s basically your antivirus or adblocker removing the links from the page. Only options are to either tweak your software, use a different browser, or turn it off temporarily.

          And just to confirm, you can’t see the left link right? You can still see the mirror link?

          1. i can see it now, before i couldnt even see the line as it it was just 21 vol 22nd vol then blank, mightve been a weird glitch, thanks for the quick reply 😀

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