Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.

異世界はスマートフォンとともに。In Another World With My Smartphone

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life
Volume 01 Premium or (M)
Volume 02 Premium or (M)
Volume 03 Premium or (M)
Volume 04 Premium or (M)
Volume 05 Premium or (M)
Volume 06 Premium or (M)
Volume 07 Premium or (M)
Volume 08 Premium or (M)
Volume 09 Premium or (M)
Volume 10 Premium or (M)
Volume 11 Premium or (M)
Volume 12 Premium or (M)
Volume 13 Premium or (M)
Volume 14 Premium or (M)
Volume 15 Premium or (M)

Updated August 11, 2019
Volume 16 Premium or (M)

Next volume est. October 28, 2019

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  1. I think JNC updated volume 14 (it was something with the pics..) so if it isn’t too much, can you reupload that on here? You’re the best!

  2. I am having a issue where i cant open the text cus it downloaded the files with 7zip and it forces me to use internet explorer to read the texts but i could do it before on microsoft edge witch was better cus now i have to open the files seperately.

    1. You need an EPUB reader software. Microsoft edge can read epubs. If you right click the file and select “Open with…” and choose Microsoft Edge, it will open the file. Maybe recently you changed some settings to make it open with 7zip by default.

    1. Which volume? did you enter the password yet? the correct password? try redownload the file? another browser?

  3. For some reason chrome is blocking Volume 12 as a malicious file which I cant download. Do you have an alternate where I can download it?

    1. Don’t download it with chrome. Try other browser. Chrome tend to detecting it as a malwere, but don’t worry there’s no malwere whatsoever on the zip file

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