It is done~

Everything has been moved over now, it should load faster and have less downtime than before. Or was i the only one who had frequent issues with the previous host where cloudflare says they can’t reach the server and I’d have to refresh?

As usual, if you notice any broken links or stuff, please inform me either by the contact form or commenting here.

Note: The website link is still the same, don’t worry!

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    1. That will be at the bottom of the priority list, unfortunately. Because volume 1 to 22 is available for free to read at jnovelclub official website. Sorry about that. You can head over to their site to read it though!

    1. For the ones that i personally purchase, i get it from Kobo. It has better quality illustrations compared to others like amazon kindle. Though that was it the past, i believe it should still be true? Definitely can’t get from Bookwalker because nobody can break their protection on the ebooks.

  1. Jowy, I wanted to ask about the statuses of Toaru Index vol.18 and Infinite Stratos vol.6. They were listed for 19th Feb. and 24th Feb. respectively. But those 2 still haven’t been uploaded. So, will those 2 volumes get uploaded anytime soon?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Toaru is less popular so it is lower down the priority list. Infinite Stratos is in a similar situation. I usually prioritize the more popular releases and the ones that no one else is getting. But don’t worry too much as I do keep them noted and will try to get them when my wallet allows.

  2. Hey, im really worried about the copyright issues. I bet someone will soon come to ask you delete all the content.. How do you go with this website unnoticed?

    1. Well sites like these will come and go eventually, not much we can do about that. If we can help to nurture your interest for light novels, hopefully someday you won’t have to rely on us anymore and can start purchasing your own copies of the novels too 🙂

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