Jimi na Kensei Vol. 3 Premium Updated

地味な剣聖はそれでも最強ですThe World’s Least Interesting Master SwordsmanThe Simple-Looking Sword Saint is Nevertheless the Strongest

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Volume 03 Premium or Mobile

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    1. Your antivirus is just telling you to be aware of the site that’s all. Refer to the FAQ and use an adblocker or Brave.

      1. No, it’s not a problem with the links, I can download all the other novels here fine.
        The problem is the file, using mega or yandex doesn’t matter, when the download reaches 99%, my antivirus instantly deletes the file.

        All the other novels work fine tho.

            1. I got with eset and Kaspersky strict security suites as well – no issues with the file on my side. Might be just a very weird false positive. And yeah, with the ads site the alarms goes off often… even with adblocker… but it cannot be helped. If it helps with funding the site its fine.

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