Journey of a Betrayed Hero

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Genre: English, Fantasy

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  1. heya @Jowy just wanted to let you know that the download links arent loading in for this novel, ive been able to get the download links from the .epub link and have saved them , ill post them for now but lemme know if you want me to remove them/ delete my comment when you get around to reuploading them, thanks for all your work 😀

  2. Here we go again… XD

    He now has a better illustrator and has a massive improvement but still the MC holding a rapier two handedly in the illustrations makes me giggle orz, does the MC plans to bash that thin blade unto his opponents? Rapiers are for thrusting and slashing yow! Kek

      1. I think it’s supposed to be a short sword, but the artist made it look like a rapier. The girl’s daggers are as short as shivs

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