King of the Labyrinth

迷宮の王Meikyu no Ou

Within the tenth-floor boss room of the Sazardon Labyrinth, the mighty minotaur awakens once more. Unlike its predecessors, slain at the hands of treasure-seeking adventurers, this monster’s primal urges push it further than ever before. Kill. Consume. Grow stronger. The more powerful its opponent, the more powerful it becomes. Even the very rules of the labyrinth seem to bend to its indomitable will. Can none triumph against this bovine behemoth? Will the minotaur ever meet its match…?

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Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Volume 01 or (Mirror)
Volume 02 or (Mirror)

Updated March 12, 2022
Volume 03 or (Mirror) Updated 30-Mar-2022


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  1. Honestly enjoyed it. Solid arc overall. Third book kinda has a needless amount of worldbuilding (its nice but as its the last book, thats why its unneeded) but overall had a satisfying conclusion.

  2. The characters are so stale. The characters overreact a lot of the times. The characters break out of character sometimes.


    also why make a flashback when the character died? To give an extra depth to it? To give the new character an intro? I dont get it. The first half of the 1st volume was great, then it went downhill until the end. Clearly this story wasnt planned well. I expected a Faraway Paladin / Goblin Slayer ‘chad’ stuff. But got an emo shoujo.

  3. I like Fantasy, and not knowing this novel tried it. It was surprisingly good.
    No depht, romance or slice of life here, only pur action, with the generic japanese fantasy game-like system.
    Simple and nice story.

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