Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

蜘蛛ですが、なにか?So I’m a Spider, So What?

I used to be a normal high school girl but in the blink of an eye, I woke up in a place I’ve never seen before and-and I was reborn as a spider?! How could something that’s nothing more than a tiny spider (that’s me) possibly survive in literally the worst dungeon ever? Are there no rules? There should be some rules! Who the hell is responsible for this? SHOW YOUR FACE!

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
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Updated November 27, 2022
Volume 15 or (Mirror)

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  1. I’m currently waiting on volume 15 for spider and slime, they were both due to come out on the 22nd of November and neither are on this site yet, I am currently quite in the bad mood due to this !!!

    1. Allow me to translate the meaning of this message.
      “How dare they not provide the exact content I seek, when it was not even on their schedule, at the earliest time possible. Despite them doing this for free I find myself affronted by this! If they do not do something about this at once I shall type more passive aggressive messages in comment sections until I find myself to not have made one change and the book released upon this site

      Yours truly,
      – Reader Boy 123”

  2. Came for the comedy, somehow it ended up being Evangelion type lore.

    Its a trainwreck; Stressful plot twists, side characters taking control of the story (not like its bad, but they dont contribute much), unplanned events that made quite a few of plotholes in the first 3 vols., ‘multi-perspective’ which also lead to some plotholes, some characters acts differently/weirdly as the story progresses, etc.

    Imagine the film “Vantage Point” but theres so little sense of time.

    Tho all of its cons, its still good, idk why i keep reading it, most of the time i’ll just ditch a series if it takes a U turn

    1. I think you might’ve been confused by the timelines. The actions of the different characters aren’t happening at the same time for the first couple volumes. What you thought were “plot holes” might’ve just been you not noticing that two events actually happened years after each other.

      1. Nope, the author is the one who’s confused with the 2 timelines and some characters are acting differently through later volumes, thus making minor inconsistencies (its not character progression). Not a huge deal, really.

        1. oooh yeah because the fucking author,AUTHOR,is wrong and you’re right,like this sounds so fucking arrogant.

          Also,PEOPLE CHANGE.
          Of fucking course they act differently as time passes and events happen,like damn you must not read stuff with character development,and everyone acts differently when they’re dealing with different shit,it’s like how people change their “Mask” when they interact with different people.

          1. gee, chill man, do you realize the distance between each novels? it’s months, I’m not here to pick her mistakes, just pointing out the novel’s inconsistency. that’s all. I realized it cuz I literally read 13 vols in just 5-6 days, mr/ms author wouldve obviously missed it. And, as I said, it’s no big deal.

        2. ……… i struggle to make sense of this……. “the author is the one who confused the 2 timelines”, ah yes, the guy who wrote the book is wrong….. i see, understandable have a nice day. do you know how much of a knobhead you sound like right now?

          before i go off on you i will acknowledge the fact that you said it was good so….. yeah anyway

          the side characters exist for worldbuilding purposes and sort of contribute to the plot


          1(side character’s purpose): for the first 3 volumes kumoko was in a dungeon, if you read all the numbered chapters you’ll notice i think there was only one time the outside world was ever “built” so to speak, that was when (idk how to do spoilers but…… spoiler) she scanned the wall after her appraisal upgrade, when she concluded the dungeon was mostly underwater so if the side characters weren’t there most if not all context of the world outside the dungeon would be removed. kumoko’s pov is a very narrow viewpoint but its the most interesting so the side characters help put a breather between the action of fighting monsters all day

          2(the teacher): the teacher specifically is an anchor stopping kumoko from ….. you know, being more brutal in the plan to save the world and sort of serves as an unknowing foil in that she’s a ruler and she puts her students in the palms of the evil guy

          3: the hero is an npc, i wont lie to you, reading schlain after reading kumoko is a drag but i do it anyway just in case anything important is in there and in the early stage he help to understand the common knowledge of the world, unlike the other adventurer side stories which show kumoko’s lore from the “common man’s” viewpoint. its also trying to get you to sympathize with schlain’s side until the whole fuck the power of friendship stuff happens

          4(timeskips): so i cant really say why the timeskips are there, my best guess is for suspense/ shock purposes, which works because the last words of volume 3 or 5 were “hiiro wakaba” a classmate who was supposed to have died, the human side characters start talking about a woman in white which makes no sense to us because we’re seeing this with no context other than that woman in white is super powerful, so if you haven’t realized its 2 separate time periods you’d think, this is who kumoko needs to face in the future or something like that.

          basically, they keep referencing white in the ariel future chapters so we feel like thats gonna be a huge character

          next, if youre confused on why everyone acts different after the time skips is because everything after volume 5 is there to bridge the gap (or in your case, “plot hole”) caused by time skipping in the first place, yes there is character development

          wakaba: self centered – able to care for other existences ,among other things
          like you know……becoming god
          vampy: basic (read: cardboard) – yandere, among other things
          wrath and merazophis : got strong and have their own ambitions and stuff
          ariel: kinda got possessed by wakaba so now has a bit of her personality

          classmates: ……………….yeah ok theres like 2 people who develop here and thats fei and that red hair girl who was a boy (fei is turning nicer and shemale is becoming….. “straight??”) everyone else serves to fill a hole in the plot, oka is just there to ground wakaba and put everyone else in danger. the bully guy who got the greed title is also an npc despite joining the main cast so anyway that does it for the most part

          in retrospect after writing this i think you might be talking about the parts after volume 4, okina baba said as of vol 5 everything is different from the web novel . since we’re introduced to the classmatees for the volumes where he / she goes off of the web novel after they get reintroduced aftervolume 5 they might have changed a little bit, the author even said ronandt got a huge part compared to his webnovel counterpart(read: near nonexistent) but i cant be too sure about that one

          1. i noticed the first plothole was in vol. 2/3. and yes, as you said, there’s also in vol 4/5. if it’s really ‘character development’, then I guess it’s bad characterization from the author. damn, I wish you’d replied to me when I first commented, I managed to track like 5/6 plotholes, tho it’s minor, i dont really care about it.

            “ah yes, the guy who wrote the book is wrong” not picking with them, but the distance between books are months, so there’s a chance. or, maybe it’s only for the LN ver. idk about the wn, never read it.

            1. I don’t want to call you a moron or anything, but just because there is a month between each release, it doesn’t mean that the author sleeps through almost the entire month and then begins to write one week before the deadline. There’s a month or more between LN releases because that’s usually how long it takes for the author to write up the volumes, amid edition, proofreading and all that good stuff.

              And sometimes, a given deadline isn’t even enough, considering how many authors comment in the afterwords that they actually had to ask for extensions to finish the volume. Please, think things through before supporting your theories with false facts.

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