Lazy Dungeon Master

絶対に働きたくないダンジョンマスターが惰眠をむさぼるまでZettai ni Hatarakitakunai Dungeon Master ga Damin wo Musaboru Made

“Come on, kill all those bandits for me already!” “No thanks. I don’t wanna do any work.” My name is Keima Masuda, and my hobby is spending each day doing exactly nothing… but one fateful night, I was summoned to another world where I met a blonde young girl who I named Rokuko. It seemed that fortune had favored me and I would soon be living a wonderful life free of work. But even though I’m a guy who loves sleeping more than eating, Rokuko demanded that I help her. “Save my dungeon! By the way, since you’re the Dungeon Master, you’ll die too if the Dungeon Core is destroyed.” The dungeon only had one room, and it was already surrounded by bandits. Seriously? It’s a checkmate already. I’ve gotta break out of this impossible situation so I can stop working and just sleep!

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem
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Updated December 30, 2022
Volume 17 Premium or (Mirror)


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  1. Is it only me or does the volume 5 epub does not seem complete when I read it on moon reader? The chapter 1 ends with core 666 pacifying something in the dungeon core meetings then the chapter 2 jumps to Keima with Haku, Niku, and Core 695

    1. You’ll have to live with that. The site redirecting to it probably has some bad ads so it doesn’t let you load it properly due to your security settings. If you can use an adblocker or just bypass the security check, you can head to the download page. Otherwise, just use the (M) link.

    2. It works fine. It’s probably just telling you of the security threat of potential malware from ads. As long as you don’t download anything from the ads, it’s fine. On another note, just use the other (M) link if the normal links don’t work for you.

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