Log Horizon Vol. 2-8 Updated


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Download here or try mobile-friendly links:
Volume 02 or Mobile
Volume 03 or Mobile
Volume 04 or Mobile
Volume 05 or Mobile
Volume 06 or Mobile
Volume 07 or Mobile
Volume 08 or Mobile

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17 thoughts on “Log Horizon Vol. 2-8 Updated

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  1. Thanks a lot for the update :D, question: is the vol 11 the last avaliable? i mean is the story already finished?

    1. The digital version of Rokka has not been sold on Amazon Kindle or Kobo, do not know what Yen Press Reason
      Because only e-books from Amazon and Kobo that can be De-DRMed/cracked

        1. strange, it’s true I didn’t see the book before using a link from Yen Press, and the search function in Kobo only displays manga
          and for Amazon it is still just a paperback version

          but thanks for the link

    2. I do have rokka saved in the sidebar under the “Late” column. I’ll get to it eventually but I have no ETA as yet.

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