Log Horizon


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Genre: Action, Fantasy
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  1. shame that there will probably be no more new volumes of this series, with the author being in prison and all…

      1. the author wanting to continue and publisher/studio actually allowing him to do anything are 2 different things.

        japans standards are that people/companies dont want to associate with criminals as their reputations would be damaged.

        if his publisher will actually publish further volumes i will be very suprised, so that post i suggest you take with a pinch of salt.

  2. Having seen both seasons of anime, is this still worth a read or is there that much information that is omitted in anime? Kind of hesitant to start this since all volumes have allegedly been covered bu the series and later half of anime season 2 I didn’t find very engaging.

    1. Of course. Most of the animes that had been adapted from light novel, there would be a few things or details that wasn’t insert into the animation. There are a lot of examples for this, one I can safely said is Overlord.

      Though I haven’t read this yet, I’m going to do so now since the news about the second season hype me so much that I can’t wait. If you’re new to light novel, give Overlord a go, you’ll surely enjoy it much more than the anime.

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