Log Horizon


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Genre: Action, Fantasy
Volume 01 or (M)
Volume 02 or (M)
Volume 03 or (M)
Volume 04 or (M)
Volume 05 or (M)
Volume 06 or (M)
Volume 07 or (M)
Volume 08 or (M)
Volume 09 or (M)
Volume 10 or (M)
Volume 11 or (M)

Next volume est. TBD
Password: thatnovelcorner.com

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    1. 1) You need someone who bought the novel to share it
      2) Different person have different priority what they want to buy, well 1 vol cost $8 to $14, no one is rich enough to spend all their money
      3) there is already 8 vol of fan translated version so there is someone who just bought vol 9 to 11 and there is someone who buy 1 vol from the start

    2. to summary it,
      someone needs to save their money before buying it and share it, and i beliave people has their own priorities about their money.

      Therefore, there is donation to speed up the purchase

      1. Ermmm ok… I got your point…. Don’t get me wrong, but I thought those first 4 volume and the other 7 volume is some kind of difference version. That’s why I’m asking.

        1. ah.. ok, sorry i didn’t know your point of view

          Vol 1 is from person A
          Vol 9 to 11 is from person B who has and OK with vol 1 to 8 fan transled version
          Vol 2 to 8 is from Jowy
          it’s same Yen Pres version

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this one!!!
    is it possible to get from 2~8 ?

    Thanks again!

    1. that’s fan translation, Jowy don’t host fan-translated stuff only official english version from YP, J-Novel, Seven Seas and others

    1. no, wait someone who bought vol 2 – 8 to share it or Jowy has enough funds to buy it himself and then share it, or we can donate to him.
      Vol 2 – 8 costs $56 on Amazon Kindle and $103.5 for Kobo

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