Magical Explorer Vol. 2

マジカル★エクスプローラーMagical Explorer: Reborn as a Side Character in a Fantasy Dating SimMagical Explorer: Reincarnated as an Eroge Hero’s Friend, I’ll Live Freely With My Eroge Knowledge.Magical★Explorer: Eroge no Yuujin Kyara ni Tensei shita kedo, Game Chishiki Tsukatte Jiyuu ni Ikiru

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Volume 02 or Mirror


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  1. I use Moon Reader app and able to read it just fine but my friend use FBReader app and he told me it wont load the epub.
    Could you fix it?

    1. I use moon reader aswell. But I dont read them. I hear them I open them using @voice reader a free app on playstore. It reads it for me. It uses googles voice assistant to read so you can change its language pronounciation and speach speed. And it seems like someone is reading it for me.
      Thats how I read hundreds of light novel without effort.

        1. If you want better voices, while it is a $3k voice program on a PC, the IVONA voice pack was never officially released on Android.

          BUT, there is an .apk you can find of the IVONA voice pack for android, beta version. It was pulled long ago from the app store, but the .apk is still out there and still works.

          It does take 1-2 gigs per voice you choose to download (and there are over 50+ voices). With a male and female (sometimes multiple) for each language. Yes, if you are having it read things in other languages, it pronounces them right if you say use the Spanish Male/Female voice to read a book that’s in Spanish.

          As for English, there is a Male and Female voice for American English and a male and two different Female voices for European English.

          I actually find the American English ones a bit more stiff, but the European English ones are quite fantastic. Personally using the “Amy (English)” voice for my @Voice Aloud Reader for the last 8 years.

          IVONA is probably the best voice pack you can get out there and because it’s a beta (while pulled from the store), it was never actually sold for any price on Android, so it’s not like you could have paid for it if you wanted to. You just need to google the .apk.

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