Mapping: The Trash-Tier Skill That Got Me Into a Top-Tier Party

外れスキル【地図化(マッピング)】を手にした少年は最強パーティーとダンジョンに挑むHazure Skill “Mapping” wo Te ni Shita Shounen wa Saikyou Party to Dungeon ni Idomu

Note Athlon was really looking forward to becoming an adventurer with his best friend (and crush) Miya. That is, until he drew Mapping—a rare skill with practically no purpose. In other words, it’s trash. This kicks off a vicious spiral for Note, who plummets further and further into the depths of self-loathing despair when Miya leaves him. He now spends his days drinking away his earnings, wondering how things might have been different if only he’d pulled a better skill… But little does he know his trash-tier skill is about to score him an invite to a top-tier adventuring party! Note’s now determined to find his way through life—and a dungeon!—in order to make something of himself.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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Updated January 12, 2022
Volume 08 Premium or (Mirror) Updated 12-Jan-2022

Next volume est. TBA

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  1. For those who don’t know, the novel series is done. It got canceled after 8 volumes. Very sad because I REALLY enjoyed it right up until the “ending”. It’s still not a horrible read, but the ending is very abrupt and lots of loose ends.

  2. Holy, this one is a freakin masterpiece. This shit have ROMANCE, ROMANCE ye hear ? I can feel the “human” in the characters

  3. Thank you for sharing this series with us, looking forward to the next volumes. Much appreciate the effort !!

  4. Hi, I noticed that the volume 1 e-book is duplicated.
    I mean, after I got to 50% it has reached afterword and then continues to prologue again.
    Is this expected?

    1. That’s weird? Have you read every chapter? Try to use the navigation/table of contents and check to see if you missed any chapter? At least from the book structure, I see no obvious reason why chapters are skipped. Maybe you can give me the specific location it jumped? I just tried with my epub reader and i can scroll from beginning to end without jumping.

        1. I bet the problem it’s toc.ncx
          Extract it using 7zip, open it with notepad++ or any other text editor you like to use, replace its contents with this:

          Mapping: The Trash-Tier Skill That Got Me Into a Top-Tier Party: Volume 1


          Color Illustrations

          The Day Their Fates Diverged

          Where His Fate Led

          The Story of Soon-to-Be Comrades

          First Time in the Dungeon

          A Promise Made in the Kitchen

          Training Begins

          A Little Progress and a Long Way to Go

          At the End of a Blade

          One Resolution Within

          What Lay Beyond Change

          Where the Trouble Started

          Girl Snatcher vs. Crusher


          The Final Piece


          About J-Novel Club


          Save, replace it in your epub and try it in your ebook reader again.

          1. Well, I can’t copy the code here it seems, xd

            Well, the point is, just make sure ‘Color Illustrations’ is below ‘Cover’ in your toc.ncx

            It seems it’s actually between ‘Afterword’ and ‘About J-Novel Club’ in the epub here…

            1. i think you can use code with < > brackets to type code. Or you can always use pastebin or something like that. Anyway i have fixed and reuploaded the version as i mentioned in another comment, so it should be fixed now.

        2. I see. I checked the books and yes, there is a slight issue there because the publishers made a mistake? with the page order and the navigation order, so it kinda loops around.
          I’ve reuploaded so hopefully it is fixed for you.

  5. sorry for asking but does anyone know what happens with miya as I’ve read something with a similar setting and story and it involves NTR and I don’t want to start reading this if something similar happens in this one.

    1. That’s not this one bro. I believe know which one you read. This is amazing Novel, I already read in syosetsu till volume 5 and this one is very very emotional. I recomended it if you dont have another novel to read, but don’t expect too high.

      1. Can you give me the exact website and link where you read this light novel up to volume 5? I really want to know what happens next.

    1. Manga have a little bit different plot with novel, some event doesn’t match each other. Yet, I didnt hate manga version but I just dislike it.

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