MEGA problems

MEGA seems to have some issues again.

If the link doesn’t work, try to rename the links from to

Hopefully they will fix it soon, like they did last time.

PS: It seems like they have another domain so if changing the links to doesn’t work, try changing to

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    1. it got delayed. One thing to note, YP usually delays their releases, so don’t expect the release dates to be accurate. You can check their release dates using the (official) link or at the publisher’s website

  1. A question isn’t dungeon slayers vol 2 out? If you guys can’t get it should I buy it and give it to you?

  2. Thanks, if worse comes to worst I’ll use the mirrors/alternates, they seem to always work good.

    When you have a chance, any chance of getting the ew book of Epic Tale of Reincarnated Prince Herscherick? (#5)? It’s the final one unless the author decides to start up again…

  3. NOTE:
    For what it’s worth, all of the “MAIN” links (not the mirrors) are being blocked by Kaspersky Antivirus, with the message: “Prevented visiting a website that can initiate downloading unwanted programs. The website can download applications on your device without your knowledge or consent. You were protected from visiting this website by Kaspersky security. You can close this window with no risk.”

    This is across multiple titles, including recently “I Swear I won’t bother”, “The Magician Who Rose” “Welcome to Japan Ms Elf” etc.

    The mirror alternates work fine, but wanted to let you know

  4. “Effective today, MEGA’s product, corporate and help pages will be delivered from the domain for users who aren’t logged in.”
    “Nothing will change for account holders as will continue to be the domain for all registered users – all web access, including links to files, folders and chats, will continue to be through”

  5. Thank you Joey for informing us of this issue with MEGA. I personally haven’t had problems but I have not tried to download a new novel since I fetched “I Fell In Love With a Soapland Girl!”. I will keep this in mind however

    1. As an imposte- eehh I mean fellow toaster, what do you think of I fell in love with a soapland girl since I was thinking of reading it? Also does the romance get anywhere in the first volume or will it take longer?

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